The gallery of beauty

Two or three years ago I have become infatuated with paintings divided on three, four or more parts which all combine into one beautiful piece… Asymmetrical, symmetrical, same size, different sizes, horizontal, vertical… Everything that’s well put together, I love it. 🙂

So, naturally I HAD to do some of my own, since I have no money for “the real deal”. 🙂

I’m gonna make a post with my poster-painting to show how easy it can be to create something similar. Till then, enjoy in these images…

p.s. I got all images off these pages:


Amazing Lindsey Stirling…

As I already said I’m going to post all kind of content here. 🙂 Basically everything AND everyone who inspire me… And this incredible young lady is most definitely inspiring, I love listening to her music, I highly recommend her YouTube channel. 🙂

Soon to come on the blog are DIY paintings for living room and DIY table, Can’t decide which I’m gonna post first. 😉

Have a nice day, love ya.

The land of PINK

The land of PINK

This was a present for my friend who adores pink color. 🙂

It is made from a belt that was on a shirt I bought in a secondhand outlet and it just didn’t fit (for me), so I cut it off and made theese two beauties instead. 😉

I have photos of the process, but not as detailed as I could. This will be the case for probably everything I made up to this point… I’m gonna start making more step-by-step photos from now on, I promise.

First bracelet – with a buckle

I used an old buckle from a purse belt I never use and cut the leather to fit. Then I glued the part that needs to stay together and put a pyramid rivet through.


I cut the soon-to-be-bracelet belt to the shape I wanted and sew the buckle on.


I made sure the buckle was secure enough for wearing and.. that’s it 🙂


Second bracelet – with rivots

From what I had left from the belt I cut leather in square shape and put pyramid rivots in two rows, with a help of a ruler to keep the distance between rivots approximately the same.


I wish I hade had taken photos of the next step, but I didn’t. 😦 So, I took some white rubber for fabric and paint it pink with a felt pen and then sew it onto both ends of the bracelet in the middle.


I made sure that I cut the right amount of fabric rubber, and that was it. 🙂


Done and done.

Have a nice day! 🙂

Yoko Ono’s art project

Yoko Ono’s project “Do it 2013”


I don’t know if you have heard about new Yoko Ono’s project for her exhibit in Manchester Art Gallery as a part of Manchester International Festival. For this project she needs smiles. Yes, you heard it correctly. 🙂 She’s collecting pictures of smiles all over the world for her art project… Amazing! I have already uploaded mine, what are you waiting for? 😉

If you want more, you can participate in Yoko Ono #smilesfilm by uploading your smile to Instagram with the hashtag I wrote.

I just love when I get the chance to participate in something extraordinary and awesome like this, so expect to be informed on this blog about this kind of projects. 🙂

Disclaimer: I do not own image in this post, I’ve found it through Google search and kept the name.

Breakin’ the ice

Fotor071721371 - Copy

It is complete! 😀 Finally…

I’m gonna describe what I did, step by step. I’ll put on some detailed pictures of exact process next time… Everyone who makes necklaces like this likes to do their cotton necklaces or jewelry on a maybe similar but still different way. I’ll explain mine in some of the next posts. 🙂
So, by numbers here we go:

1. I got some cotton shirt (thick cotton this time), and cut it in about 3 cm widght.

2. As soon as I got this tranparent summer shirt/dress I knew it will became some sort of necklace (hehe), because the fabric is so nice and pattern is just beautiful.

3. For the brooch I had some difficult time figuring out how to cut the badge I had, eventually i used can opener, 😉 and a safety pin.

4. Then I had to glue everything for brooch. Normally I put something heavy such as a book to keep it dry in place, but since in this case I couldn’t do that I used wooden clips.
p.s. I use all type of glue but in this area I used glue for wood – because big button in the center is wooden

5. Ta-daaa 🙂 It is done, and ready. I imagined it in combinations with more classic clothes like work combinations. As you can see in the picture I put transparent fabric all around and tied it on top with cotton pieces left from the shirt i used. Brooch is from one wooden button and around is again the same cotton fabric braided and glued. On the centre of wooden button I glued some of the transparent fabric and then covered everything with nail polish. 😉 I glued everything on the peace of cotton fabric which I sewed first in two layers to stand better and to be able to hold the entire piece.

Do you like it?

Just chill for a bit…

Very tired. Very.

Today I was being crafty again and frustrated again – also comes with crafty. 😀 I took the necklace or what it supposed to be when it’s done and just stared at it. I had no ideas, Everything seemed bljaah and naaah… But then I changed my perspective and started to think in all new direction. Well let just say it payed off, because I acctualy like what i see now. 🙂
Tired tho. I have to do Just few last things on it and then, ironically, the last necklace I did will be the first one published. How about that? 🙂

Enjoy in the relaxing video… I don’t need it today, I’m already sleeping. Byee