Just chill for a bit…

Very tired. Very.

Today I was being crafty again and frustrated again – also comes with crafty. 😀 I took the necklace or what it supposed to be when it’s done and just stared at it. I had no ideas, Everything seemed bljaah and naaah… But then I changed my perspective and started to think in all new direction. Well let just say it payed off, because I acctualy like what i see now. 🙂
Tired tho. I have to do Just few last things on it and then, ironically, the last necklace I did will be the first one published. How about that? 🙂

Enjoy in the relaxing video… I don’t need it today, I’m already sleeping. Byee


Author: ivyon

Hello! I have a blog on address ivymosquito.wordpress.com so feel free to check it out ;)

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