Magical combination


About two years ago (two and a half) I went professionally on a book fair that holds its place every year in my town – Zagreb. It is called Interliber and it’s awesome. 🙂 I wasn’t there as a regular shopper but I noticed this beautiful poster from Laurent Pinsard. I just fell in love with it and immediately had a vision of something I wanted to do in my living space. So, I came back the next day and bought the poster. I paid about 20 kunas for it, that’s about 4$ and a little less than 3€, a real cheap deal. 🙂

Then I needed the background for my future paintings, something that I could hang on the wall. I went to Offertissima and found bunch of paintings with the pictures of roses I think, nothing special. They were canvas, wooden on the back, all set for hanging on wall AND the right size. I was thrilled, because that was exactly what I wanted. And to make the things all better, they were cheaper than the new, non-painted canvas in the local store. Next day, when I measured the poster at home I came to buy them and to my big surprise, they were on sale 50% 😀 In one day! Crazy… So I ended up paying I think 60 kunas for three of them total.

This is how a canvas looks like, I don’t know if I’m translating it right, so you guys know what it is. 🙂 :


The next step was to cut the poster (which was divided in three sections) to match the canvas as proportional as possible, and to glue the poster on canvas. I was (and still am) very happy with the result, two and a half years and this little combination still lifts the space up. 🙂 The photos I took are few days old.


Also, if you want to check out more of Laurent Pinsard photography just click on his name. 🙂

Love ya :*

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