DIY bracelet with rivets

DIY bracelet with rivets

Increasing popularity of rivets in jewlery and clothing not necessarily connected to the metal/rock culture was the reason I started to look at rivets differently. I admit it. 🙂 I’m not fashion addict and most certainly do not follow fashion rules for seasons, but I confess that fashion puts things in more appealing perspective to me which I wouldn’t think of otherwise.
But trends irritate me, it’s no fun to wear exactly the same thing as every other girl on the street, plus some of the trends are really ridiculous. So i guess my point of view on fashion and trends is – take what you like and make the most of it. Pretty much like with anything else in life. 🙂
Inspiration for this bracelet came to me from desire to do something with rivets and need. I needed a thin bracelet. But an idea for realisation was set in my mind when I saw on Facebook beautiful, most elegant and extraordinary bracelets and jewerly from Zara Bijoux. Make sure to check them out. 🙂 I will feature creative little hands at my blog in future (especialy jewelry makers), and you can bet Zara Bijoux will be among them. 😉

I had a leftover piece of thin leather strings bought for making another necklace year ago and I ordered rivets from e-Bay for cheap. I’m not sure how much did I pay for them but there’s a link of something like that.

You can see every step in the pictures. To be honest, I had no idea that this would turn out to be such pain in the *** 😀 It tested my patience because strings keep falling out and rivets were not in straight line. I re-did probably half of them ’till I got it the way i wanted.

Step no.2

Awesome fact: I didn’t know how will the bracelet end, how will I button it up. Yeah, now the word reveals it, but only in english. 😉 I have a stash of buttons, not as much as I used to have, but I still save them when I buy something new. So, the small green one was my button of choice :D, and I kinda figured out in minutes how I’m gonna do the ends of a bracelet.


And here it is. First, but not the last bracelet with rivets. 🙂