The Strangers Project

The Strangers Project

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this absolutely amazing project with you! I had in plan to write about it, but not today. Seems that YES today. 😀 Because of a very specific reason…

I have been following this project called The Strangers Projects for months but I haven’t been on the page for quite long, just to find out two days ago that they succeeded in funding the first ever International Strangers Day and it is – tomorrow, August, 24. 🙂

What is The Strangers Project you ask me? 🙂

It’s cool idea of collecting strangers stories on the street. Everyone who wants to participate gets a paper and a pen and can write whatever they want., resulting in so many life intimate stories and even secrets shared with anyone who is willing to read them. And the founder of The Strangers Project, Brandon Doman, sure is. He’s been stacking stories and after tomorrow he’ll have a lot more to read. 🙂 Link to the website – HERE, link to the Facebook page – HERE.


Brandon in New York City, collecting stories.

Although unfortunately Croatia isn’t registered in International Day this year, I’m hoping it will be the case next year because the idea itself inspires me. And if it won’t, well I’ll just have to do something about it. 😉 You can see registered places here:

One of the stories…


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