Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)

Theme of the week is…. FOCUS. Yaaaay, photography… :mrgreen:

I couldn’t wait for better weather to try to take some pictures. I have a lot, and I mean a loooot of photos I took as a hobby, but I wanted to do something new for my first participation on Weekly Challenges ever. 🙂


I went to the beautiful area near my home and ended up on a meadow surrounded with woods. I had an amazing view…well I don’t need to explain everything, just watch the photos. 😉


I want to make clear that I DID NOT USE ANY KIND OF PHOTOSHOPING, not even filters, blur tools, anything at all. Any modification that I made in the photos is inserting the name of my blog and cropping one photo.



I wanted to show focus contrast on these two photos in the same scenery:



So, what do you think, do you like it?


Author: ivyon

Hello! I have a blog on address ivymosquito.wordpress.com so feel free to check it out ;)

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