DIY: Kitty bed

DIY: Kitty bed

Finally I made some extra time to do another Did It Myself post. I have lots of things I made in the past year but then I didn’t have in mind that I’ll be needing a lots of pictures for a blog… So, luckily I did took pictures at all 🙂

Anyway, for anything I do from now on I know I will do step-by-step photos.

Alrighty then. 😀
I have made a bed for my cat, yes, the cutie from my avatar a while ago, and now I’m gonna show you how. Since the past post was about cats, I thought I should continue in the same note. 😉 You will be needing:

PicMonkey Collage1

First, I saw a leftover fabric that I had on the back of a sweater, doesn’t matter which fabric it is. My idea was to make the later cleaning easier, now I just brush off dust. (Which would be much harder to do on a wool sweater.)

IMG_0033 - Copy

Then I saw the sleeves to the front of a sweater with sewing machine.


I calculated how much of the fabric from old sheets I need for the sleeves and I cut the amount. At this point my cat knew very well that this was something for her – she has a way to always be around me when I’m doing something for her or cleaning her bowls. Anyway, she went from sleeping to crazy playful. 😀


The last step was to put the cut out sheet inside the sweater. i left the upper part open because that way I can wash it separately in the washing machine and it is really easy to maintain. 🙂


And she loves it. 🙂

What do you think? Feel free to comment. 🙂