Half The Sky Movement: The Game

It’s time for another project, this time humanitarian. We should never forget about souls less fortunate than us, we should never forget that we can bring happiness to someones tears.

This project got my attention since it has started in March because of the platform it uses. Facebook. I think that is brilliant. How many of us play or have played games on Facebook just for time-killing? I admit being addicted to several games, none at the moment since The Sims Social has closed. 😀 Now we can play game and EDUCATE ourselves and HELP. Like real, actual, help. Weather through donations which are given every time you complete a quest, or really just playing the game… The movement itself is very appealing to me, graphically and with its stories. I recommend everyone to start playing… You may like it and it means a world to someone who is getting your help through game sponsors.


I feel like I didn’t express myself in the way i wanted so read part of the article from http://www.thedailybeast.com:

…authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, authors of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide—and it will turn playing a game into an opportunity to donate money to nonprofit organizations around the world. That’s right. Half the Sky: The Game will match the virtual donations made by players into real-world donations to the Fistula Foundation, Girls & Education Mentoring Services, Heifer International, ONE, Room to Read, the United Nations Foundation, and World Vision, all nonprofit foundations.”

The main character is Indian woman named Radhika:

In the game, players follow an Indian woman named Radhika as she navigates some of the challenges faced by modern-day women. She starts out as a village woman trying to raise money for her ill daughter. But as the game progresses, Radhika travels the world and, in each location, is met with specific issues women and girls face in that location.


I know this game won me over, even though I have to be honest – I haven’t played in a while. But I will. Pinky promise. 🙂

Support and share… ❤

The world simplest DIY organizer

The world simplest DIY organizer

Hello! I have been having hard time on deciding to do this post…  Right now, it’s 4 am here and I’m barely looking at my screen but I know tomorrow will not be any different.. 😕 The autumn headache is still my faithful companion, “yaay”. Hopefully, you will like and appreciate my effort… 🙂

Anyhow… I present to you the “oh so simple and functional” organizer. Yes, it is a shoe box. But a shoe box that has had a make-over haha 😉 Again, I am really tired now.

So, I needed:

  • shoe box (no kidding!)
  • tempera paint
  • scotch tape
  • a meter
  • piece of thicker cardboard (for the horizontal base) and piece of thinner cardboard (vertical)
  • self-adhesive wallpaper of your choice (I bought purple and yellow one)


I covered the outside of the box with self-adhesive wallpaper. Then I painted the inside sides with a blue tempera and waited for it to dry. After that I put scotch tape over it so it wouldn’t release paint on the items I keep inside. I have made a base with two “wings” on the bottom from thick cardboard and glued it to the box. Covered the bottom with the base with purple wallpaper. I had to be carefull to place it in the right position because it sticks pretty fast to cardboard…


I cut the vertical pieces from thinner cardboard, I decided to make three and also not to glue them on the box. This way I can remove one or all, and place them as I want. 🙂 I recommend double-checking your measurements, especially for the cut in the middle. After you put wallpaper on everything it’s just frustrating when they don’t fit in the box by few millimeters.


I cut some decorations from the wallpaper left-overs and voila! You have a cute little simple organizer. 😀


Do you like it?

Ideas for better organization

Since the summer hot day are pretty much over, I washed all my winter shirts and sweaters and now my closet looks like I threw a grenade in. I am constantly thinking about new form of organizations, not only for my clothes but for everything…  can’t help it, I like it clean and effective. The result is that I can from top of my head tell in the middle of the night where for example a ring with blue zircon is.


I am very organized, and many DIY ideas for organization inspire me… On a more wide note, ideas for my DIY project come spontaneously… Either I have seen something similar on internet, DIY pages or blogs and then I make my own version of that, or I come of something completely my own. I wanted to say this because I think it is common misconception that if you want to be really creative and good DIY blogger, you must have only your own ideas. I think, no. There are so many awesome ideas already been invented by other creative and awesome people. I think with using them I’m not being “less creative”, I’m in fact recognizing their work as awesome and desirable. So, please, don’t hesitate to use my ideas, that’s what this blog is for… Sharing something i come up with… Or an adapted version someone else came up with. I always say… Take something and adjust it to your own needs and preferences. 🙂


But this does NOT apply for ideas for jewelery. My ideas for necklaces, bracelets etc. 99% come from my head and sketches I made. So if you feel inspired you can copy my ideas but please then don’t go and sell them like your owns. I always say what inspired me if there is something or someone, and that is a fair and good thing to do. That way I recognise the work of others and i give them credit which they deserve. 😉

So, with that little lecture I go back on the topic. 🙂


Suddenly my closet is hard to close. :mrgreen: Being a girl who really doesn’t have much clothes, I’m experiencing this only when the seasons summer/winter or winter/summer are changing. With the original thought: “I have to buy a new closet” I went to the realistic one: “I need bags to put away my summer clothes.”


So I just purchased my first bag for storing clothes from e-bay. It is the kind of bag that’s in the picture below. I can’t wait for it to come so I can see how many of my clothes will fit and how will I incorporate it in my room. Honestly, I bought just one (for 3 and a half dollars i think), just to see the quality and functionality of these. I’m gonna share  my impressions on blog. Promise.


Except of the closet organizing, I have another project coming. Organizing my jewelry.Consider that my jewelery is already very well-organized in boxes. But that is exactly the problem. I have almost everything in decorative boxes so i forget what I have. 😀 Resulting in purchases of similar things. Anyway, my necklaces are already hanged on pins on a pluto board like this:


Now I’m going to put a shelf beneath it and place boxes with bracelets and bag in which i keep my cotton necklaces in. That way I will have a better look at what I already have. Hopefully. 😀

Since I’m talking about organizing I’m going to feature an organizer as soon as I make some decent photos. I made it over a year now. I’m sure something similar exist but I really thought of the organizer all by myself. OK, now I’m making you anticipating… But that’s good. 😛

Stay well and eat fruits. Love ya!

(It’s season of colds)

Disclaimer: I do not own images in this post, I’ve found them through Google search and kept their names.

Do I like fall…at all?

Do I like fall...at all?

I’ve been feeling kinda sick lately… I say kinda, because I’m not laying in bed with temperature (yet!), but my head hurts so much that I can’t blog as much as i want to. 😦 Oh the joys of changing seasons, the autumn is coming and with it so are colds, flu and other gifts of nature… 😕

Fall is really depressing, at least for me… Coming after awesome warm summer, suddenly it’s raining all the time, it’s getting colder every day and sunlight is rare and slowly giving the crown to the night more and more… Autumn has always been my least favorite season, I guess because school is starting, college is starting, responsibilities are starting. It was like an old guy telling me at 4 am that the party is over and he needs to close the club.

So, I was thinking to myself after I was caught in the rain yesterday with no umbrella, what do I LIKE about autumn?

I made a list. :mrgreen: It’s not a long one, but it still has more numbers than I thought it would have.

1. Colors. *.* I looooove autumn colors, the nature’s own decorations…

Colorful autumn trees



2. Tea. Fruit tea, green tea, mint tea, herb tea, mmmmm…. With lemon and honey. I cannot begin explaining how much I like tea… I don’t drink coffee, tea is my medicine. Since it’s to hot to drink it during summer, I return to him faithfully when the colder days arrive.




3. Watching rain falling. From inside! 🙂 Or maybe going for a walk with umbrella.




4. Smell of rain in the air. Pure freshness. (Like a commercial)



5. Chestnuts roasted on fire… Awesome.

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

6. Watching movies under a ton of blankets, all warm and cosy…

Autor Hawes Spencer

7. Watching a storm. Again, from inside. Same as with the tea, I am a huge freak when it comes to storms, storm clouds, lightnings etc. I can watch trough window for hours just enjoying, watching how the wind goes through the trees and cars passing by… When i was just a little girl, I would do the same. We even lived in a place without lighting rod, but I was never scared. I have been photographing for years the clouds but now I finally have a place to put those photos. 🙂




8. Halloween! Muahahahaha… It has been few years since we “adopted” this holiday from USA, but it is really a joy. We still have our own masquerade in february. Halloween is more fun for adults, no one goes trick or treating on Halloween, but everyone goes clubbing under masks. 😀


9. And the most important thing… Christmas is coming! Soon, the city will be filled with decorations and festive lights. Delight!




10. With Christmas there comes a New Year, and it seems that I love looking in the sky because I adore fireworks. This is not fall anymore, but it is certainly something I look forward too. And I wanted to end with number 10. 😀


What are your favorite things from autumn?

  • p.s. The photos of city decorations are all from my city (Zagreb) and the first photo with lightning is  from my country (Zadar). 🙂
  • p.p.s I took the photos in this post that have my link marked on them.
  • p.p.p.s I made two necklaces from cotton, can’t wait to feature them on blog… 🙂

Disclaimer: I do not own the images in this post that don’t have mark of my blog on them, I found them through Google search and kept their names.



As the most of you know (if not all), Miley Cyrus is getting a lot of media attention and criticism from both media and society lately.

Why are her biggest fans but also people who have heard of her just by name (Like me) are throwing stones and criticizing?
associated with twerking and judged for “slut behavior”, 20 years-old Miley is NOT the little Hanna Montana anymore, she made that very clear.

The fiasco on her VMA performance with Robin Thicke was just a cherry on top of a weird musical and personal cupcake Miley is making since she left Disney Corporation. In case you didn’t see her dancing in doggy pose against Thicke whose wife was in the audience, check it out here. But, there is really nothing to see, except of those moments when we on the other side of the screen feel embarrassed for the performer. :S

Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus

Before twerking and rubbing herself with a big foam finger, Miley did a song and the music video for the song called “We can’t stop“. Listeners have said, yes we can. And they will stop listening to Miley, but not playing her videos. It’s in people nature when they (we) see someone going in downhill direction to stay alerted and pay attention on them – either to mock them or to try to help them.

Miley’s newest song, “Wrecking ball“, showed even more of naked Miley and when I thought I’ve seen all…there she is – licking a sledgehammer.


I get it… It’s an emotional period of her life and she is naked because of her vulnerability, but that explains exactly that. Not swinging on wrecking ball, not licking and rubbing against sledgehammer, not the fact that she hasn’t worn proper pants in her music videos and performances since she got away from the Disney leash.

But the reason is so obvious that when it occur to me, I decided that I want to write it down. Is she the first one to shock her audience with nudity and strange behavior? Of course not. Is she the first child superstar to do extreme behaviour? Uhm…noup.

Actually, I couldn’t think of ANY child television, movie or music mega star who has done the transition from adolescent years to being a grown-up. Normal.
I couldn’t!
I give you the examples that pop in my head when I think of ex-child stars:

  • Lindsey Lohan (oh no)
  • Macaulay Culkin (oh no no)
  • Britney Spears (broke into pieces and gluing them back)
  • Demi Lovato (sick unfortunately)
  • Amanda Bynes (biggest oh NO)

Someone said Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgins . I’m talking major stars; lead roles, whole production on them, leading TV series or leading role in a movie… The only one I remembered to have successful career and is normal and heathy after being a child superstar is Justin Timberlake. If you know someone else, comment please.

And about being to sexy to watch? Ugh… I’ve seen that at least three times. Britney Spears after feeling “Overprotected” went to being “Slave 4 U”, Christina Aguilera went “Dirty” and Rihanna just started to rub against things in all her videos. Girls trying to prove that they aren’t so little anymore in a scenario when the sexy scale goes flying over the top and it gets ridiculous and embarrassing (for me, at least) to watch.

Miley Cyrus wrecking ball 660

Also, I was thinking about money. I have no idea how much money does Miley has, but my guess is – PRETTY MUCH. She is probably a billionaire! When I was in my teen years… If I had so much money… Damn. 😀 Going through puberty and adolescence with all their charms like mood swings, first real heart breaks, feeling of loneliness and fears of rejection is hard. At the same time they are in the media spotlight, having other constantly look up to them, other grown-ups treating them like they are a grown-up too aaand having so much money = bad choices. It’s inevitable. The difference between Miley’s bad choices and mine were the amount of money and the amount of freedom that money gives you. As simple as that. I didn’t say I would do what she is doing now, but I think that being limited and, in a way, depended on my parents, made me a better teen than I would otherwise be.


As Miley herself said, she cut and dyed her hair when her contract was over. Imagine having someone legally bound you to look a certain way, while you were a kid and a teenager! I loooved to cut and dye my hair and change my appearance so much, as I do now. I consider that to be my basic freedom. She is only twenty years old and she has said more scripted sentences then her own ones! Some are blaming her father and bad parenting for “bad” Miley. YOU FATHER DON’T SAY NO, SHE GO CRAZY. That’s how I hear that argument (in a chinese voice). I remember how much my parents had influence on me in my teens. Or, tried to have influence. The main reason I listened to their basic rules was because I didn’t have anywhere else to live and eat! I think many are being hypocritical judging while being clueless what it’s like to be in the constant spotlight – plus media and tabloids live of scandal (I mean literally – they would bankrupt if they have no sponsors, commercials and celebrities to provide content which is produced and manipulated to the point when the editors can publish it more times to make more money.) I don’t approve of what she’s doing, but I must admit I like the Wrecking ball song. Not the video, just song. 🙂 And I say, if twerking is your way to go into adulthood instead of doing drugs, alcohol and risky behaviour, twerk twerk Miley! Just please put some more clothes on. 😉 (Although, she did look like she’s “on something” at the VMA’s… 😦 )


The message we get from the media is: Miley bad, Miley crazy, Miley disgrace to her family. It seems sudden. I have learned a lot about the power of media image and PR to know better. Miley was probably never Hanna Montana, she just fitted the outside profile and the industry cashed it out. Miley is now being Miley. And she’s living the saying: better to be hated for what you are, then loved for what you are not.

What do you think of “new Miley”?

Disclaimer: I do not own images in this post, I’ve found them through Google search and kept their names.

DIY: Summer inspired cotton neclackes

DIY: Summer inspired cotton neclackes

Hello! As the summer (here) is coming to its end :(, I decided to share with you the necklaces I did from cotton in the past months.

I was inspired by summer/navy theme and had many ideas which all led into this three different necklaces. I got some old clothes (in good shape, just used) and by looking into colors of few of the shirts I immediately had an idea to combine dark blue – light blue – white, in different combinations.

It took some time of course from the original thoughts to the finished necklaces because that was my first attempt of making this type of necklace.

  •  You know that I shared one of my necklace with you earlier, but these are actually made first 😉

I needed some advice so I contacted very kind person who is making this sort of necklaces and ask her for advice. So the basic thing I can say about making cotton necklaces is: when you cut your stripes of fabric, grab the two ends of fabric and stretch them. Then start to spin them until you get this neat look. 🙂 And also, use thin cotton. It’s better.

I don’t know how to explain what I did haha, because blog wasn’t in my plans at the time, so I didn’t take photos. The middle one was actually looking a lot different but then I made this braid instead of just stripes… The bow is made from a part of a shirt that had rubber inside, and I sew it inside out. With the left one I got playful and tied a bunch of stripes on the middle as you can see. (That one is also my favorite to wear, psssst. 😉 )

Anyway if you have any questions, please do ask… Comment, I’m always happy to hear your thoughts.


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Really, what DOES the fox say? :)

In case you missed it, there is another video going viral…

Check it out, it either gonna make you wonder what did you just watch or what does the fox say… 😀

I would not be me if I didn’t become curious and actually started to wonder, how the fox communicate with another species or to their own? Because I didn’t know, i really didn’t. 🙂


Foxes are from the same family as wolves and dogs, so that means they bark and howl?

Yes! But also much more. They apparently create so called “alarm sounds” to warn other members of their pack and their cubs, they scream (!) and make a throaty rattling sound called “gekkering” during aggressive encounters with mostly another foxes.

A little bit of discovery on the blog. 🙂 For any of you who are interested to hear how the fox sounds, there:


I forgot about growling. Even though there was no severe attacks on people by this beautiful animal, do not try to get to close to the fox, she might feel threatened. Specially if she/he is screaming. 😀

Disclaimer: I do not own images in this post, I’ve found them through Google search and kept their names.

More ideas for DIY’s :) (handbags)

I’ve been inspired from this one page on Facebook I have to share with you. Now I will just mention it, later on I will probably feature it with some of my favorite pictures and ideas. You can literally get lost surfing through albums of Creative Ideas page on Facebook. Today I bring you more ideas for “do it yourself” handbags since I’m all about that these days. 😉 The two last one are from page Different Solutions which is also beyond awesome. 🙂

I encourage you to try them! I probably won’t have the time, so if you do make bags based on this ideas, please share the photo with me. I would LOVE to see it.

Stay well, love ya.

p.s. the title rimes. 😀

DIY: denim purse

DIY: denim purse

As promised, here it is: my very own version of this:


What did I need?
Old jeans that I don’t wear anymore, sewing machine and blue tread, blue zipper, old shoulder strap, silver chain and metal clasps I bought in hobby art shop and flower of my choice. I bought blue sparkly rose because hey – it is blue sparkly rose. 🙂 I bought it at a chinese shop and it was a part of headband so I bought two. You’ll see what I did with them in the pictures. 😉


First I took dimensions for my new bag, and by taking dimensions, I mean using top of the plastic container hahahahaha. 😀


Next step was sewing. I had a tough time with denim, constantly stretching out of its place… But, again, test for my patience. 🙂 First I sew the middle part to see how much space will I need to fit the shoulder strap from another bag in.


After I sew one side it really became tricky to sew, but I made it. 🙂 I forgot to sew zipper first (of course), so I had to unstitch it and improvise a bit. That’ s why I’m not completely happy with the zipper part. Also, I put on some glue on the sides of zipper to hold it in place. I can’t remember when exactly I sew on the rose, I think after everything was done. What I did with the rose? I took it off the headband and removed the bow that was in the middle and replaced it with white pearl bead. I did the same with other headband, and I glued the bow to the headband I took rose from. That left me with matching headband and purse.


This was pre-blog era, so I’m lucky I have ANY photos of making this purse. I made it a year ago and it is still as it was the first day. It is disproportionately because of denim stretching and pulling the strap inside, but I like it that way. It’s more unique to me. 🙂

What do you think?

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