Stay tuned…


I have been playing with DENIM in the past week. Ok, one day of the past week, because I was busy busy busy… 🙂 But, nevertheless, I have a lot of ideas floating through my mind and the result is going to be awesome, I know it.

To give you a little hint – denim shirt with lace and denim jeans are going through “Ivy” transformation. 😀 One more hint – there will be bows.


Whole denim thing reminded me of my first attempt of sewing this not-even-close grateful type of fabric. On top of that, I was making a purse. A round handbag. Yes, I think it’s ok to say that I like challenges, hahahaha. I think I’m gonna make a tutorial on how that went coz I know I’m not going to have the time to sew this week…

Love ya, stay great… 😀



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