Really, what DOES the fox say? :)

In case you missed it, there is another video going viral…

Check it out, it either gonna make you wonder what did you just watch or what does the fox say… 😀

I would not be me if I didn’t become curious and actually started to wonder, how the fox communicate with another species or to their own? Because I didn’t know, i really didn’t. 🙂


Foxes are from the same family as wolves and dogs, so that means they bark and howl?

Yes! But also much more. They apparently create so called “alarm sounds” to warn other members of their pack and their cubs, they scream (!) and make a throaty rattling sound called “gekkering” during aggressive encounters with mostly another foxes.

A little bit of discovery on the blog. 🙂 For any of you who are interested to hear how the fox sounds, there:


I forgot about growling. Even though there was no severe attacks on people by this beautiful animal, do not try to get to close to the fox, she might feel threatened. Specially if she/he is screaming. 😀

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