DIY: Summer inspired cotton neclackes

DIY: Summer inspired cotton neclackes

Hello! As the summer (here) is coming to its end :(, I decided to share with you the necklaces I did from cotton in the past months.

I was inspired by summer/navy theme and had many ideas which all led into this three different necklaces. I got some old clothes (in good shape, just used) and by looking into colors of few of the shirts I immediately had an idea to combine dark blue – light blue – white, in different combinations.

It took some time of course from the original thoughts to the finished necklaces because that was my first attempt of making this type of necklace.

  •  You know that I shared one of my necklace with you earlier, but these are actually made first 😉

I needed some advice so I contacted very kind person who is making this sort of necklaces and ask her for advice. So the basic thing I can say about making cotton necklaces is: when you cut your stripes of fabric, grab the two ends of fabric and stretch them. Then start to spin them until you get this neat look. 🙂 And also, use thin cotton. It’s better.

I don’t know how to explain what I did haha, because blog wasn’t in my plans at the time, so I didn’t take photos. The middle one was actually looking a lot different but then I made this braid instead of just stripes… The bow is made from a part of a shirt that had rubber inside, and I sew it inside out. With the left one I got playful and tied a bunch of stripes on the middle as you can see. (That one is also my favorite to wear, psssst. 😉 )

Anyway if you have any questions, please do ask… Comment, I’m always happy to hear your thoughts.


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4 thoughts on “DIY: Summer inspired cotton neclackes”

    1. Ova sa mornarskim gumbima? Htjela sam neku ogrlicu napravit koja neće imati tipičan kraj nego završavat na dvije strane, a te gumbiće imam još od prije i famozni su mi, tako da je ovo rezultat. 😀 Sad za jesen bih mogla napraviti neku bogatiju, sa debljim trakama, crvenu ili zagasito žutu hmmmmm…. 🙂 Gotovo, i kad je jedna ideja “pospremljena”, nova je tu 😉

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