As the most of you know (if not all), Miley Cyrus is getting a lot of media attention and criticism from both media and society lately.

Why are her biggest fans but also people who have heard of her just by name (Like me) are throwing stones and criticizing?
associated with twerking and judged for “slut behavior”, 20 years-old Miley is NOT the little Hanna Montana anymore, she made that very clear.

The fiasco on her VMA performance with Robin Thicke was just a cherry on top of a weird musical and personal cupcake Miley is making since she left Disney Corporation. In case you didn’t see her dancing in doggy pose against Thicke whose wife was in the audience, check it out here. But, there is really nothing to see, except of those moments when we on the other side of the screen feel embarrassed for the performer. :S

Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus

Before twerking and rubbing herself with a big foam finger, Miley did a song and the music video for the song called “We can’t stop“. Listeners have said, yes we can. And they will stop listening to Miley, but not playing her videos. It’s in people nature when they (we) see someone going in downhill direction to stay alerted and pay attention on them – either to mock them or to try to help them.

Miley’s newest song, “Wrecking ball“, showed even more of naked Miley and when I thought I’ve seen all…there she is – licking a sledgehammer.


I get it… It’s an emotional period of her life and she is naked because of her vulnerability, but that explains exactly that. Not swinging on wrecking ball, not licking and rubbing against sledgehammer, not the fact that she hasn’t worn proper pants in her music videos and performances since she got away from the Disney leash.

But the reason is so obvious that when it occur to me, I decided that I want to write it down. Is she the first one to shock her audience with nudity and strange behavior? Of course not. Is she the first child superstar to do extreme behaviour? Uhm…noup.

Actually, I couldn’t think of ANY child television, movie or music mega star who has done the transition from adolescent years to being a grown-up. Normal.
I couldn’t!
I give you the examples that pop in my head when I think of ex-child stars:

  • Lindsey Lohan (oh no)
  • Macaulay Culkin (oh no no)
  • Britney Spears (broke into pieces and gluing them back)
  • Demi Lovato (sick unfortunately)
  • Amanda Bynes (biggest oh NO)

Someone said Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgins . I’m talking major stars; lead roles, whole production on them, leading TV series or leading role in a movie… The only one I remembered to have successful career and is normal and heathy after being a child superstar is Justin Timberlake. If you know someone else, comment please.

And about being to sexy to watch? Ugh… I’ve seen that at least three times. Britney Spears after feeling “Overprotected” went to being “Slave 4 U”, Christina Aguilera went “Dirty” and Rihanna just started to rub against things in all her videos. Girls trying to prove that they aren’t so little anymore in a scenario when the sexy scale goes flying over the top and it gets ridiculous and embarrassing (for me, at least) to watch.

Miley Cyrus wrecking ball 660

Also, I was thinking about money. I have no idea how much money does Miley has, but my guess is – PRETTY MUCH. She is probably a billionaire! When I was in my teen years… If I had so much money… Damn. 😀 Going through puberty and adolescence with all their charms like mood swings, first real heart breaks, feeling of loneliness and fears of rejection is hard. At the same time they are in the media spotlight, having other constantly look up to them, other grown-ups treating them like they are a grown-up too aaand having so much money = bad choices. It’s inevitable. The difference between Miley’s bad choices and mine were the amount of money and the amount of freedom that money gives you. As simple as that. I didn’t say I would do what she is doing now, but I think that being limited and, in a way, depended on my parents, made me a better teen than I would otherwise be.


As Miley herself said, she cut and dyed her hair when her contract was over. Imagine having someone legally bound you to look a certain way, while you were a kid and a teenager! I loooved to cut and dye my hair and change my appearance so much, as I do now. I consider that to be my basic freedom. She is only twenty years old and she has said more scripted sentences then her own ones! Some are blaming her father and bad parenting for “bad” Miley. YOU FATHER DON’T SAY NO, SHE GO CRAZY. That’s how I hear that argument (in a chinese voice). I remember how much my parents had influence on me in my teens. Or, tried to have influence. The main reason I listened to their basic rules was because I didn’t have anywhere else to live and eat! I think many are being hypocritical judging while being clueless what it’s like to be in the constant spotlight – plus media and tabloids live of scandal (I mean literally – they would bankrupt if they have no sponsors, commercials and celebrities to provide content which is produced and manipulated to the point when the editors can publish it more times to make more money.) I don’t approve of what she’s doing, but I must admit I like the Wrecking ball song. Not the video, just song. 🙂 And I say, if twerking is your way to go into adulthood instead of doing drugs, alcohol and risky behaviour, twerk twerk Miley! Just please put some more clothes on. 😉 (Although, she did look like she’s “on something” at the VMA’s… 😦 )


The message we get from the media is: Miley bad, Miley crazy, Miley disgrace to her family. It seems sudden. I have learned a lot about the power of media image and PR to know better. Miley was probably never Hanna Montana, she just fitted the outside profile and the industry cashed it out. Miley is now being Miley. And she’s living the saying: better to be hated for what you are, then loved for what you are not.

What do you think of “new Miley”?

Disclaimer: I do not own images in this post, I’ve found them through Google search and kept their names.