The world simplest DIY organizer

The world simplest DIY organizer

Hello! I have been having hard time on deciding to do this post…  Right now, it’s 4 am here and I’m barely looking at my screen but I know tomorrow will not be any different.. 😕 The autumn headache is still my faithful companion, “yaay”. Hopefully, you will like and appreciate my effort… 🙂

Anyhow… I present to you the “oh so simple and functional” organizer. Yes, it is a shoe box. But a shoe box that has had a make-over haha 😉 Again, I am really tired now.

So, I needed:

  • shoe box (no kidding!)
  • tempera paint
  • scotch tape
  • a meter
  • piece of thicker cardboard (for the horizontal base) and piece of thinner cardboard (vertical)
  • self-adhesive wallpaper of your choice (I bought purple and yellow one)


I covered the outside of the box with self-adhesive wallpaper. Then I painted the inside sides with a blue tempera and waited for it to dry. After that I put scotch tape over it so it wouldn’t release paint on the items I keep inside. I have made a base with two “wings” on the bottom from thick cardboard and glued it to the box. Covered the bottom with the base with purple wallpaper. I had to be carefull to place it in the right position because it sticks pretty fast to cardboard…


I cut the vertical pieces from thinner cardboard, I decided to make three and also not to glue them on the box. This way I can remove one or all, and place them as I want. 🙂 I recommend double-checking your measurements, especially for the cut in the middle. After you put wallpaper on everything it’s just frustrating when they don’t fit in the box by few millimeters.


I cut some decorations from the wallpaper left-overs and voila! You have a cute little simple organizer. 😀


Do you like it?