Halloween edition muahahahahaha 3:D

Halloween edition muahahahahaha 3:D


Hi! I am in such a rush that I only have time to upload few pictures of a pumpkin I carved. 😀 I will do a detailed post when I catch the time, hopefully on Saturday… 🙂

Stay well and have a great time tonight! 🙂



Hello y’all! 😀 I finally found the time to finish this post… :mrgreen:

A week later… beter than never. 😉

So… I’ll explain what I did:


First I sketch the outline of mine carving of choice – cat silhouette. Then I realised that I have placed it to high, erase everything with sponge and sketch again. 😀 Second thing to do is the most annoying… Taking out the inside of the pumpkin. I have no proper tools, so I used knife and spoon, and later on smaller knife for carving. After about an hour my pumpkin was ready for carving. Despite being veeery careful, I have managed to cut off one ear. 😀 Luckily for me, I had glue and voila! Cat had two ears again. 😉 It took me about two hours for everything, but when I placed candle inside and shut of the lights… it was worth the trouble. 🙂

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Review of vacuum storage bag – as promised.

So… You know those vacuum bags that are sold practically everywhere? I bought one, as I said at one of the recent posts. I was very curious and had some summer clothes I want to store to make more room in my closet. And my bag has arrived this week. And my bag is a piece of crap. For what it supposed to be. Actually it is a piece of plastic bag, nothing more. “Yaaay”. I’m so glad I bought only one to try this concept… 😕

I don’t know is it the problem in the way I bought it, or the seller, or they all suck? I bought it on e-bay among hundreds of bags just like this one, so do they all suck? If you have bought one please tell me your experience.

Mine looks great – except it looks different than the one they put on the picture:




But when I put my clothes inside and vacuum out the air, it only takes few minutes to be exactly like it was before. I could literally watch the air coming back in. From where? – I haven’t got the slightest idea because everything is firmly sealed. So, yeah, you could say I’m disappointed.

Well, had to try. 😀

D-d-d-d-d-denim! DIY: Remade jeans and denim vest :)

D-d-d-d-d-denim! DIY: Remade jeans and denim vest :)

Ta-daaaaa! It’s online FINALLY… 😀

I delayed writing and presenting this topic for a “while” (khm, khm), because I wanted to be committed to this post. 🙂 I have spent a lot of energy on making this awesome pieces so I felt the need to complete with the presentation in the same light. 😉

So… Where do I even begin?

I became very interested in denim as a remade material this fall. I wanted to do a vest and jeans with bows on the side, but I didn’t imagine I would do all that at once. 😀 I made denim vest from a shirt with lace which I bought for 15 kunas (about 3 $). It was a piece of cake to do. But I do admit that I dragged it to the point of placing the shirt on my desk when going to sleep for the “first thing to do”, and placing it back on the bed because I didn’t have time for it. :mrgreen: When I finally found time I think I finished everything in under one hour. Took of the sleeves, remove the remaining fabric and sew the endings in a manner that the vest would fit on me.

That goes from 1 – 5.:

  • 1. The original shirt
  • 2. I simply cut off the sleeves
  • 3. Unstitched sewing pattern made in factory with small scissors
  • 4. The ending before sewing
  • 5. Folded and ready to be sewed. 🙂


And I completely forgot to include the rivets as a last step. 😀 I put silver pyramid ones on the collar (even tho they look gold in the picture):


As for the jeans bow scheme, I say the idea online about a year ago, I think I even have it saved somewhere on my computer. I think it was from e-bay… Anyhow, I knew I wanted to do something similar but the idea of realisation didn’t strike me until I saw how my friend did it. She posted a picture of how-to on Facebook and I thought – that’s it. This is the way I’m gonna make my “upgraded” jeans. 😀 She is also cutting used jeans and leggings custom-made, you can send her piece of clothing you want and she makes it happen the way you want it. 🙂 You can contact her HERE.

This are her jeans:


And shirts:












And now, step by step. The “how to” is easy as a summer breeze. 😉

I decided to use red fabric that has been in my box for leftovers from a bolero I modified. I wanted that contrast. It took me total two and a half hour for the jeans with the breaks for snacks. 😀

  • 1. The original jeans were bell-bottoms so I needed to cut the bottoms and sew it straight.
  • 2. The measuring… 🙂
  • 3. I sew it all by following the pen I used to collect the dots from measuring the dimension for my legs. And cut off the remaining no longer needed pieces.
  • 4. I decided where I wanted for the highest cut to be, measured the line from it to the end of the leg and divided by six. Then I cut about 3 cm toward the center and for the highest one I cut semi-circle.
  • 5. I turned jeans inside out and started connecting material between the cuts with red elastic fabric. I would measure how much fabric I need, cut it and sew it from left to right and back to be secure. That was the hardest and longest part of this project.
  • 6. Of course, everything was carefully monitored by “the chief” 8)
  • 7. And…done! Still inside out, but after picturing it and getting up from the floor holding my spine, I turned them the right way. I also cut off everything that was protruding, like pieces of fabric…


I am really happy with the result. What do you think? If you like it click the “like” button, and if you’re not a blogger comment. I treasure that. 🙂 Bye, love ya!

p.s. The photo of jeans on top looks like it’s mirrored but it’s not. 😀 It is just really proportional… 🙂

Weekly Writing Challenge: the Difference Point of View Makes


As the door opened, the wind knocked down one of the bread basket on the nearest table.

– Great. Here we go again. – the waitress nodded as the old man entered in the restaurant. Isn’t that pathetic? – she thought. I mean, look at him… Every week at the same time. Like a clock. I could set my watch by him. At least, there is someone more pathetic in this place than me… Ssssss! She quickly jumped away from hot water. – Damn it! I burned my hand. Damn it damn it, DAMN IT! Fuck these dishes! Fuck this place! I wish i could curse out loud today! Oh, I wish that so much… Stupid job. Stupid uniform. stupid finger that keeps burning. Stupid fucking boss. “You need to smile more.” Oh, I’ll show you smiling, today I’m gonna smile till my face hurts and then I’m gonna put my face under hot water too… Damn.

She was mumbling and had a frown on her face. A shadow. A kind of unpleasant feeling was laying on her lips. She wanted to be an entertainer. A singer. It seemed so easy at first. She got high of the feeling of success. Like a drug that was running through her veins. And like a drug, when it stopped she hit the ground so hard her head wanted to explode. When she realised she got crossed over, it hurt even more. She was suddenly a left-out, a no-no, she was a reject. And that was the word written on her lips, even when she smiled.

The young cook was looking at her. She looks so much older. He remembered his wife. An instant smile appeared on his face. His love, his life. She was so different. Alive… Today after he comes home they are going to celebrate the second birthday of beautiful Sarah, the little queen of his heart. He felt bliss thinking about her small hands and black locks. He felt so happy. Content. He looked trough the window. – I have to remember to pick up the cake – he thought. That cake was the most important thing for him today.

– Okay. Forget about the finger. Just smile. Smile and nod. Smileeeeeeee. Old fart is going to order the same thing he orders every time anyway. Eggs and bacon with cornbread. No salt. No salt! He adds that every time… And he’s probably gonna add something stupid. Deep breath. Just smile, big fucking smile…

“Hello, sir Carl, would you like to order now?”
“Uhm? Yes, yes miss Jeannie. Of course. I’ll have… I’ll have a… Uhm. Eggs and bacon please. Thank you. And cornbread! Yes, that too…”
“Is that all?”
“Yes, yes it is.”
– Funny he didn’t say no salt – she thought as she was walking away from his table.
“Miss Jeannie?!”
“Yes mister?”
– There he goes.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?” – she stopped.
“For the basket I knocked down when I entered…”
“Oh that’s fine, don’t worry about it…”

Carl was sitting at his table. So familiar. Basket, red door at the end with the sign “Staff only”. White-blue table covers. Menu which used to be white years ago… Even the stains on the menu were familiar. and yet, his world was crushing down.

Today he was at the hospital. His wife was there for two days now, after she passed-out in the living room. They were running some tests, he didn’t understand anything. He was lost. He got lost two times trying to find the right room when she asked for a juice from the hospital cafeteria. She looked at him with her warm eyes. 

“Sit down.”
There was something scary about her calm voice. He sat.
“Carl… The doctors say that I have cancer.”
His heart skipped.
“It’s a brain cancer Carl. It is inoperable. It…it has been there for too long and…” – her voice cracked.
He reached to her and hugged her so strong. She sobbed and started to shake while they both sat at her hospital bed. He tried to comfort her… To say something… But his thoughts failed on him. He felt like someone was ripping his heart out. With every sob she made, he thought he was going to die. When she calmed down he lied that there is something he needs to do and then came here. To a familiar place. Now he was looking at old tables and chairs trying to find warmth and comfort, but all he could hear was her crying.

 – That is strange tho. Very. I never thought something like this would happen. So sudden. And I feel weird. I feel alienated. Like someone is directing my life right now. And it’s actually weird that I feel this way, considering that I never loved her. Not then, not now… I mean, I like her. I love her. Like I love this bacon and eggs every week. But, as hard as I tried…..-and oh my God did I try, I never loved her with all my heart. As a lover… a friend… a person. Should I tell her that now? Will it be better if she knows? Would she cry more or just say – “I know”? How could I spent fourthy-five years of my life with someone I find familiar? Why haven’t I searched for a true love? The one she is feeling for me… I’m gonna tell her. – he decided chewing on the last piece of bacon. 

He got up, paid, and as he opened the door and heard the familiar bell sound, he changed his mind. He turned left and went down the street to buy her some flowers.

Faces of Facebook

Faces of Facebook

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a TV with no signal?

Noup… It is all the faces of Facebook. Yes, you heard me. ALL of the profiles on Facebook here. In one image. 💡

Not only the concept alone is awesome, but you can click and get a closer look. In theory you can find your profile, but in reality… good luck. 😀

There is more than 1 billion and 200 thousand profiles. 1,278,842,363 profiles to be precise. 😉 Follow the link: THE FACES OF FACEBOOK

The info about the project is one click away on the “i” icon.
Disclaimer: Featured photo is a print screen of app.thefacesoffacebook.com page, I am not the owner of the photo.

LADYBUG ON THE WALL – Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You



Ladybugs have always been special in my heart. It is said that they bring luck and even though I don’t consider myself superstitious, I never killed a ladybug and I’m always very happy to see them. They are like tiny carriers of good news there are yet to come and positive outcome I can’t see yet.

Also on the right I captured beautiful blue sky. I am lost in blue… It connects me with sea, sky, rivers… My being deeply craves blue as the color of water.

White is my “chalkboard” of life. It is a plain piece of paper and the thought of it brings out the joy of writing in me.

Red color of ladybug is my most loved color. It is the color of courage and staying with both feet firmly on the ground for me. It is being realistic and seeing things clearly.

Even the black dots on ladybug have their meaning for me. It is supposedly the number of years ladybug have, but sadly, they live approximately only two or three years. The black is the negative. No white in life is complete without black, that’s why the ying yang sign has both of them. Hapiness-sadness, joy-pain, compassion-judgement… The dots are small compared to the white area, as I hope the negative things in life will be. 😉

I hope you enjoyed my hue. 🙂

DIY: Hairstyles for long hair :)

I have long hair. Long brown hair. I had every length possible, from pixie short, to extra long… I had every color possible (that looks good on hair): red, purple, black, dark brown, even blond highlights, light brown – like honey…. So I guess i can say I like experimenting with my hair a lot. 😀

I recently decided to cut my hair drastically because I just got sick of it. As you already can tell, I like braids. My favorite hairstyle is loosely made braid that goes on one side and falls on my chest. Other than that i have to admit that I’m not innovative as far as everyday routine goes… I end up letting my hair fall or putting it into pony tail. 😕

So, all those comments “Long hair is so beautiful.” and “Don’t cut your hair it’s so long!” don’t mean a thing for me. I have my future haircut in mind and can’t wait to get rid of the current one.

But before I do that, I collected pictures of great hairstyles for long hair to see if that will change my mind. It didn’t. :mrgreen:

But what I do want is to try some of the hairstyles featured in this video above. Those are easy and great-looking hairstyles that my Facebook friend makes on YouTube. They are in Croatian, but you will definitely understand because she shows everything she does. She also does make-up tutorials, you can find her on Mashin’ The Beauty. 🙂

Enjoy in the gallery of simple hairstyles that apparently I will not try hahahahah :D. But please let me know if you do.

Disclaimer: I do not own photos in the gallery, I have found them through Google search and kept their names.

Love ya!

DIY: Autumn inspired cotton necklaces :)

DIY: Autumn inspired cotton necklaces :)

Hellooooo! 🙂 I have made these two about a month ago, but just now got the time to feature them in the way I want (perfectionist hehe). As usual, I’m gonna let photos speak for themselves… And photos speak creative mess that is my reality when I get on my train of idea realisation. 😉


I have been kinda obsessed with brown and beige color this fall, I have bought one sweater and two shirt in brown color, beige bracelet and put out my brown clothes. I guess I’m trying to get close to Earth. 🙂

So, as you can see, I tried metal endings for my necklace for the first time… (I don’t know exactly how is it called, if you do feel free to comment.) I placed them with pincers and painted with nail polish in – guess what color? Brown. :mrgreen:


I realised that when I do have idea of what I want to make it is rarely clear when it comest to jewelry. When it comes to everything else, I pretty much have it all planed out. But when I started making for example, second necklace, I have no idea where my thoughts will lead me. I know I wanted to include braids and wooden buttons I have in my “left-over” box. I deliberately put all the photos so you can see the progress. I wanted to braid the wooden buttons in at first, then only three, one as a central piece and two on each side, and then finally the way it turned out. So, yeah, it’s a process, when I see something isn’t going the way I imagined, I change the course. 🙂


Enjoy in your free time, and if you don’t have any – make it. Love ya!

p.s. I can’t wait to post denim update… 😀