Catch of the month: September

Catch of the month: September

I’m one day late, I know I know… Good thing i remembered at all… 😉
So… Unusual month for me. I did a lot of shopping. I have a strange relationship with shopping and stores – I’m sure every women does. I kinda like shopping but I’m more into hunting. Yeah, you heard me, I’m one of the guys hahahaha…

I don’t like going into in malls, when I go shopping I know what I came for and look only for that. I might get distracted but with 99% accuracy I get back on track. 😉

I go for sales like the fish in the water. Sales and discounts find me, and i love it! Hence the idea for this category.

I love shopping online but I only buy  things that I’m sure will fit me and never the expensive items.

But I do enjoy walking-shopping (I just made the name up 😉 ) – that’s when you don’t have money, or just don’t need anything and just go looking what’s new. I love that. I can tell that I do more walking-shopping when I don’t actually buy something than regular shopping. And it makes me happier… 😀 Because I surf through new stuff but keep my money (ok, my change) in the wallet.

So, about this months catch: It is a white, slightly transparent blouse very comfortable to wear. And it look AMAZING when I put her on. Cost: less than a dollar (5 kunas) in a textile house sale. I really caught this one, because I found similar ones in Zara for 299 kn (53.23 $) like this:


The “thingy” around neck in the picture is not a necklace. it is a headband. I wanted something like that, and i bought it because it was on sale from 35 kn to 7 kn (1.25 $). I call that a pretty good bargain. 😉

Stay well, kisses 🙂


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