How to cure breakouts and acne scars + coming soon ;)

I have tried this easy, home made recipe to cure scars from acne from fellow blogger today. I’m supposed to make this mask every week, so I’ll let you know the results after few weeks. 😉 The link of how-to is below:


Other than that, I wanted to write about what I have in store for you, my dear readers. ❤

The denim thing I wrote a while ago is finally coming to life, yaay. Hehehe…

Plus I have two new necklaces from cotton I made that are perfect for autumn combinations.

Aaand, I will write about different hairstyles for long hair, with special surprise (hint: another guest appearance) :mrgreen:

So, can’t wait. You give me wings with all your support and sharing, I really appreciate that. Love you and thank you for all your positive support! (Volim Vas i hvala na svoj Vašoj pozitivnoj podršci!)

Disclaimer: I do not own the image in this post, I’ve took it from the blog I linked in post.

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