DIY: Hairstyles for long hair :)

I have long hair. Long brown hair. I had every length possible, from pixie short, to extra long… I had every color possible (that looks good on hair): red, purple, black, dark brown, even blond highlights, light brown – like honey…. So I guess i can say I like experimenting with my hair a lot. 😀

I recently decided to cut my hair drastically because I just got sick of it. As you already can tell, I like braids. My favorite hairstyle is loosely made braid that goes on one side and falls on my chest. Other than that i have to admit that I’m not innovative as far as everyday routine goes… I end up letting my hair fall or putting it into pony tail. 😕

So, all those comments “Long hair is so beautiful.” and “Don’t cut your hair it’s so long!” don’t mean a thing for me. I have my future haircut in mind and can’t wait to get rid of the current one.

But before I do that, I collected pictures of great hairstyles for long hair to see if that will change my mind. It didn’t. :mrgreen:

But what I do want is to try some of the hairstyles featured in this video above. Those are easy and great-looking hairstyles that my Facebook friend makes on YouTube. They are in Croatian, but you will definitely understand because she shows everything she does. She also does make-up tutorials, you can find her on Mashin’ The Beauty. 🙂

Enjoy in the gallery of simple hairstyles that apparently I will not try hahahahah :D. But please let me know if you do.

Disclaimer: I do not own photos in the gallery, I have found them through Google search and kept their names.

Love ya!

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