Catch of the month: November


Catch of this month is definitely this big, amazing brown bag with millions of pockets. 😉

It is really THE catch of the year I would say, because it is the prettiest bag I have ever own in my life. 😀 When it comes about bags like this, I just look at them through window shop because they usually cost like a small pony. :mrgreen:

But this one I bought secondhand from a lady for…… Prepare yourself…….. 10 kunas!!!!!! That is less than 2 $!!! Unbelievable…. I am still amazed. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Catch of the month: November

  1. Ne mogu vjerovat da je koštala SAMO 10 kn 🙂
    Predivna je, obožavam ovakvu puder boju.
    Odličan ulov!

    • Da osvojila sam ju na aukciji 😀 Još uvijek ne mogu vjerovat, kak sam i napisala, nikad ljepšu torbu nisam imala haha 😀

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