Remember remember… first of December?

I hope you all know the legendary sentence from the movie Vendetta, but if you don’t, it goes: “Remember, remember the 5th of November”, because that is the day the main character blows up the Parliament as a result of his personal revenge and revolution against corrupt and hateful Government, and it becomes everyone revolution.

Well in Croatia we had a meaningless referendum took place today, and meaningless discussions were led almost nine months over the “pro” and “con” side. It was question hidden under political interest of currently opposition party here made possible by theirs close relations with Catholic Church here.

Basically, the question is definition of marriage, and that it should be only between woman and man, not gay, lesbian, or transgender people. How funny to spend 48 million kunas on that question when 300 000 people are unemployed in Croatia at this very moment, elders are digging through trash for plastic bottles because they can sell them for 0.50 kn…

Ahhh… everything is said and done. The “pro” side has won and tomorrow the marriage will be defined as a community between man and woman, but next week same-sex marriage will be defined as a lifelong partnership with every legal privilege marriage gives.

After hearing so much hate, so much ugly words I am really and sincerely tired. What did all of this accomplished? I have no idea. It certainly did provoke many minds to start thinking with their own heads, so I guess all is good.

I go to sleep.


Author: ivyon

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