Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand | STORM

Weekly Photo Challenge | STORM

When I think about “grand” the first thought that comes into my head is nature. Even the smallest creature can be grand and even the biggest mountain can be small compared to the whole universe.

I love grand photos. Big space, amazing landmarks, serenity of a sea… But what really captures my mind when I think about “grand” is – STORM.

When we feel like we are the biggest thing on the planet, nature has its way of putting us to place in less than an hour. I feel small when I have a huge site in front of my eyes, but I feel REALLY small when a storm is coming. I can smell the rain in the air, hear the thunder in the distance and feel the wind going stronger.


As if it is a command, people start rapidly collecting laundry, getting things inside or under a roof and eventually just close that door that we think is safe enough to protect us from what is going to happen in front of our eyes.


That sunshine that comes after a storm, that clear ray that is surfing through fresh air is like a hope, reborn. And we open our doors again.

p.s. I love pictures of storms because they feel alive, I can feel the wind and hear the rain when I see a good one. So, don’t hesitate to comment on mine. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand | STORM

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    1. Thank you very much for commenting! Yes, it was very strong one, the wind was so devastating that the firefighters had to react and move fallen trees from the streets :/ But there were no greater consequences other than that.

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