“Smoking kid”

This campaign is brought to my attention since it has become viral. I only wish that I found out about these things earlier so I can do something by sharing information. Because, what good is it if I share something that is already shared?

Nevertheless, I want to share this, even if you have seen it. Anti-smoking campaign everyone should see. I think smoking has become most acceptable addiction in society and there lies the real danger. Teens try to “be cool” and “social”, adults use it for stress relief and socializing. Cigarettes are harmful and they leave devastating consequences, so why does one start smoking? Lets not sugarcoat it, a person CAN feel left out and anti-social if she or he doesn’t smoke in any stages in her/his life in any environment. And that is what really sucks. They feel lonely because they do not share the same addiction.

Cigarettes are awful. Everyone knows that. Many people are aware of what are they putting inside of their bodies and what are they doing to their loved ones and yet, they keep doing it. Why?

My grandmother passed away from lung cancer, she was an active smoker for as long as I can remember, and while we were visiting her one day at care center my father, who also smokes, said: “I never want to end my life like this.” And yet, he continued. He did not stop. Why?

I have no answer to give to you. Maybe these kids will help people to stop smoking. I hope it will.

Disclaimer: I do not own the video, I took it from a YouTube channel Ogilvy Asia.


Author: ivyon

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