Sretna Nova 2014!!!

Sretna Nova 2014!!!

Happy New year everyone!!!
I’ve got a lot of wishes and yet, I have none. How? :O

Heh, easy… I wish for good health that’s number one! I wish for more positivity, I wish for less talking and more doing, I wish for less internet time-killing and more internet productivity! I wish for less complaining and more talking about solving. I wish less pointing fingers and gossiping and more helping and inspiring each other. I wish less desctructivity and more constructivity! I wich for less self-pity and more encouragement, I wish for less no-reason guilt and more love for yourself. I wish less thinking and more educating. I wish less brain washing and more learning. I wish less playing video-games and having more fun! I wish less money and more things you can not buy… I wish less worrying and more sleeping – carefree sleeping. :mrgreen:

I don’t want to spend time, I want to use it and cherish it. Be present. Be who I choose to be and do what I wish to do. I want to be like a tree and grow in directions that aren’t conveniently available, but in the ones I wish to go. Trees can go through everything, even concrete. I wish to be like water, persistent and patient. Water can build paths through stone with time. I want to be more like a puppy, care-free and more like a child, open and unapologetic. 🙂

I have many more wishes and they haven’t changed from 31. December so you can say I have many wishes for a new year, but not single one more than the previous year. (See what I did there 😉 ) It is one day into 2014, may it be ❂ ★ ★ ★ GLORIOUS! ★ ★ ★ ❂ 


Uživam u tišini…… Nema pucanja, magla se razišla, vani se može disat. Iako nikoga nema vani, što je isto delight svoje vrste. 😀 Sve je ok i uživam u osjećaju. Ubijam se u njemu, valjamo se zajedno… Super je taj okej filing. Da ga ima više u ovoj godini.

The last part is in croatian, you can translate it through google, or ask me. 

p.s. Colors of text are equal to colors in the picture 

Disclaimer: I took the photo from HERE