Blogging as a job?

Hello! What’s up?

*Warning: Sarcasm and offensive word ahead.* You have been warned.

Since I decided that challenge “Zero to Hero” isn’t my cup of tea I wrote something similar on the forum thread and got a very serious note from another blogger – I think admin. Is there admin on WordPress? Anyhow, she warned me that my tagline is to long and that “Taglines are not blog descriptions. Blog descriptions can be placed on your About page. See here for what I do with mine.” Yes, boss. Is there bosses on WordPress?

Sarcasm aside, I clicked to see what this kind women has suggested for me, as I have total lack of leading my blog to the Mt. Everest. Sorry, I am not being able to put sarcasm aside.


And I found well…. what I thought.

So you want to be a blogger, do you? Blogging over the long-term takes: Passion, Purpose, Productivity, People Skills, Planning and Persistence. Many bloggers don’t have what it takes…


Should i start biting my nails? Ok, let’s go further.

“My advice is: keep it simple! Aim for brevity and clarity and include only the minimum number of relevant keywords that accurately describe what the purpose of the blog is.”

Ok, that sounds reasonable. But again, WHO ARE YOU?? I mean… WHAAAT? No disrespect, but….. Pst… It’s a blog. On a free platform. A blog. BLOG. My blog. I do what the fuck I want with it. I choose WordPress because it looked nicer then other two blogging platform in my country. As simple as that. I have no strong feelings for WordPress, sorry if that offends you. 😀 I like it, we’re friends. It let’s me post, it let’s me read and like other blogs, it has nice challenges…

So, in conclusion, let’s go to the second link she gave me (Yap, there’s a second link.)


Who are your readers? Everyone with a computer and internet connection.
What do you provide your readers with? Fucking everything. They can see categories.
What action(s) are you trying to evoke in your readers? Uhmmmm… jumping of joy?
How does your blog differ from competing blogs? I have no fucking idea. I’m not in a competition.

Seriously… My readers, as I say frequently, I love you guys. I felt the need to express myself over this. I have nothing else to say except posting ten more other photos of “Whaaaat?” …. Of course, more DIY projects coming soon and amazing amateur photography (Hopefully it will snow :fingers crossed:) and you know… Stuff I post. I will inspire the spine out of you this year. 😀

p.s. I did not mean to offend anyone who is trying to improve their blog through tips, or make money out of it. 😉


Update: 29.01.

I was in a very bad mood the day I wrote this, frustrated. Most of the things I wrote I still think but I did change my tagline because I wanted to. It was really to long. And I wanted to update the questions. 🙂

Who are your readers? Everyone who is interested.
What do you provide your readers with? Amateur but passionate photography, crafts, ideas, amazing projects… Everything that inspires and touches me, I like to share here.
What action(s) are you trying to evoke in your readers? Inspire. I want to inspire people. 
How does your blog differ from competing blogs? This answer stays the same. 😉