My first word was: Tata

I have read every single one of Daily Prompt of Who was my hero at 5 and now. I don’t know why. Some of them have deeply touched me…


When i was five I went to a vacation with my Dad (Tata in Croatian). It was 1993., the war was going on. For me, there was no war. Just my dad, cold milk, the beach and Eros Ramazzotti. Yes, I remember some scenes so vivid and today I love Eros and can’t ever stay cold when I hear his songs ( I get chills in the moment my mind recognize it. ) And what is funny for someone’s fan, I don’t know many of his songs or lyrics but I know EXACTLY how the melody of the ones I know goes. It is written in me.

My dad and I, we had fun. We played football, frisbee, anything really… I would help him dig in the yard with huge shovel almost bigger from myself. We got each other back when mom got strict. It was almost always us “against” her. That is, up until the moment she gave birth to my sister. I was five at a time.

He didn’t have to say it twice, I was always up for it. Hiding, sneaking up on mom, tickling mom, dancing, singing, recording us singing and goofing around… He was the amusement park and I had the golden ticket. πŸ˜€ His first child, his precious daughter.

Later we became even more close through talks and listening to each other. But, as I grew older…he got smaller. I noticed his mistakes, his flaws, the way of life of which I am running away from, and how much he had an impact on me to follow his ways. Unhealthy ways.

I was on his tracks and we got along. But since I have decided to go on my own path and refuse to walk the road he is walking, we started to drift from each other. And that makes me sad because I love him. I can see he is trying to find his way, his path to deal with bitterness life has brought to him and some he brought on himself so I’m hopeful inside. I hope he makes it, I really really do.

And who is my hero today? Me.

Some of the posts that I liked:

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and more of the challenge itself, this person moved me with their journey: Heroic Visions


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