DIY idea for foggy Monday: Handbag

DIY idea for foggy Monday: Handbag

It is indeed foggy in Croatia today, but I love it. Why? Because, according to meteorological informations, the proper winter is finally coming! FINALLY! Even though they are the same ones who said this year winter is “going to be the coldest in decades”, and they posted few weeks ago an article about “very cold front coming” and none of that had happened, I want to believe them this time.

It was spring-like Christmas and recent temperatures are around 15  °C, I can’t wait for the real deal. No, really, spring-like winter is terrible. Not just because it should be winter, but the warm front makes everyone agitated, nervous and grumpy and we have a number of diseases like cold and flu going around like cruising on a party. And I also saw a fly the other day. A fly! What is next? A mosquito??!!!! 😉

So… To spark some creative mind cells in you my dear readers I bring this tutorial for a handbag. I would use it for grocery shopping but it is so cute that it can pass as daytime bag. I hope you like it, usually I post something that inspired me and do my own version, but I don’t think I will get my hands on this type of material soon, so I posted it for you.

If you decide to make it, you know already that you MUST send me photos.. 😀 I would love to see it. 🙂

I took the photo from a website so feel free to check out other craft ideas they have.

Love ya!

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4 thoughts on “DIY idea for foggy Monday: Handbag”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 No, I make things just for me and I made some for my friends… There is a law in Croatia which forbids doing that kind of stuff on your own and selling it because you don’t pay taxes, which is super ridiculous and strict because it’s killing many creative souls… People still do it, but you risk a big fine and going with the cops and having to open your own store which costs a lot if someone reports you to the government…

      1. I know! That would make sense, right? To support people who want to make something or express their creativity, instead of forcing them to pay for each item they make… :/

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