I have a problem with posting a tag under my post which says “funny” or “humorous”. I do find myself funny, I just… I don’t know. I have jokes and I carry sarcasm and irony in my sleeves. (You don’t want to know where I carry them at summer)
But… I can’t label myself funny. I can tag my post “amazing” or “beautiful” or “inspiring” but not “funny”. The truth is that I think you don’t get to label yourself funny, others do. That is why comedians don’t tell jokes to a mirror, they do it in front of an audience.

Speaking of comedians, I think that how you say something is as much important as what do you have to say. How they carry their body, gesture, mimic, laugh, how they talk is a part of a whole, making their comedy funny. (or not) Oh, and I love Ellen. I have a true feeling of love for a person I do not know. There is a legend that you can’t watch just one Ellen video. I’m starting to believe that is true. 🙂 To prove that I have a little something for you… 😉

Also there is a problem of different language. At first I think I wrote like a Customer Service on E-bay: “I made this. Thank you. You good people.” Ok, not the last one. I knew English as much as i do now, more than a half-year later, so why? I don’t know… It was all so new… and awkward… And I went for safe. I wrote. Plain. Sentences. Add to all that a problem of expressions. We say in Croatia for example; “His axe fell into honey” when someone gets really lucky, but that doesn’t mean anything at all in English. And vice versa. I still feel I can’t say what I want because of my lack of knowledge for slang, everyday speech or idioms.
But I got more and more comfortable with writing in English and with blogging in general, so I can now show more of my true self. 😀


p.s. I don’t know if it is correct to write: english or English

p.p.s. I realised few days ago I was using the wrong tense of a word choose on blog. I meant chose. In past tense. But, that is in so many of my posts… Ah.


Update: I fell for my own trap and watched Ellen stand-up comedy for two hours yesterday. Damn you Ellen!! I’m kidding. I love you. ❤