Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror | Two descriptions of a same person

I’ve been holding on to this amazing video for some time now as I do with a lot of things for blog and life in general… πŸ™‚ I have at the moment probably ten ideas, some of them in my head and some in bookmarks, and maybe even some of them in written about what I want to post on this blog and share in general. Of course I don’t post all of it at once and I have come to realise that this process is so flawless and pieces come together in just the right time.

Yesterday I was looking at this bookmark thinking I want to use it on my blog but it wasn’t incorporated as I wanted it to be. So I thought, well I’ll post it eventually. Turns out I’ll post about it today since it fits perfectly with the Daily Prompt. πŸ™‚

This is amazing campaign to raise awareness about how we see ourselves and how we tend to see our flaws before our talents and virtues, how we can be strict to ourselves, not just for outer appearance, but for everything. Like a strict judge, we judge and frown upon any mistakes making us feel bad about us. Why? This negative process only makes us feel bad and we end up having low self-esteem and depressed. That is foolish, isn’t it? That we do that to ourselves.

Like we invited a very rude guest to our home who is constantly criticizing our every move and insulting us. We would be offended and probably never invite that person over. And yet, we invite our little judge all the time, he can be mean to us. I say, get him out. Show him the door! I did and it took me two years to get him to shut up. He shows up, like a unwanted relative, but now I know what he sounds like and I just don’t let him bring me down.

You are important. You are smart. You are kind. You are unique. You deserve to treat yourself like you treat others (unless you treat others badly). You have made it in your life to this point. You can tell yourself these things when you look in a mirror. It is just a reflection of YOU. πŸ˜‰

I found about this awesome video from upworthy. com

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