Brace yourself… photos of snow are coming. ☺

Brace yourself... photos of snow are coming. ☺

Finally! I have been waiting for snow through November, December, holidays…. 😦 Then, the weather reports said it will snow on 16th. it didn’t. So, this time they announced it, I was sceptical.

But, on the friday morning (24th) I woke up to some rain/snow, and from the photo collage above – you can see how it progressed. :mrgreen: The photos are taken in few hours of difference and that’s what makes it so amazing to me. How snow in just a few hours can change everything. From the traffic, scenery to the general mood.

The day started as nothing special and ended in having so much snow for an army of snowmen to be made. And we do take our possibilities seriously!! 😀 Snowman has been made and he stood proud for a day among other snowmen made that day and one dick. I am sorry, despite the snowmen, my blog is not for children. 😉

I hope you will enjoy the gallery of my photos from friday and saturday as much as I enjoyed making them. I’m sending love and snowflakes 🙂 ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

8 thoughts on “Brace yourself… photos of snow are coming. ☺

    1. Hahahahahha yes 😀 I did the “Three” photo on challenge Habit, you can find it under Weekly category, I would appreciate the comment, tell me what do you think of the concept? 🙂

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