Daily Prompt: Nice is…..

Tell us about the nicest thing you’ve ever done.

A little late to the party, but never is to late 😉


I like being nice to people…who deserve it. Judge me if you like, but I do not tolerate violance. I feel the need to be kind to the people who humble me. It’s an instant reaction.

Yes, I’ve heard that the people who hurt are the ones in pain themselves but I can’t save them. Only they can. So, few days ago, when I was walking into a grocery store with my bf we passed a mom with two daughters, one she held hand to hand (younger) and older was walking next to her. It was snowing so the melting snow created a small puddle on the side. There was no way the older girl (about 4 or 5) could have pass that point without stepping into water. But it was like a centimeter of it, nothing bad. And she had her rubber boots on.

Yet, the mother screamed at her: “Haven’t I told you NOT TO WALK IN THE WATER?!!!!” Normally I don’t interfere with other people schooling their children. But she grabbed her and when I looked at little girl’s face something inside of me snapped. She was frozen, about to cry and looked down with so much expression… She was trying to be as small as possible, not making a sound. And her mother countinued talking something to her holding her VERY tightly on her arm, I didn’t even hear her anymore. I WAS MAD. So I glanced back and yelled at her: “HEY, you’re acting like THAT is the most important thing in the world!” She looked at me with surprise. And continued to focus her agression on me. I did not hear her as we were entering the store holding hands and my bf said: “Let it go, she isn’t worth it.”

Yes, she wasn’t. But the little girl was. I hope I could show her that her mom is not always right. I would be happy knowing that she understood that someone stood up for her.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Nice is…..

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  3. Very very sad. 😦

    Perhaps your words helped the mother to snap out of whatever was distressing her enough to have made her snap the way she did.

    One can only hope that it was not typical character but a bad day as we all sometimes have.


    1. My hope goes to the possibility of that mother realising her behaviour toward her child… I can’t fix others, but I will always react when I see something that freeze me like this.

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    1. I know… I can’t affect that but when I get an impulsive reaction like this then I have to react. And we wonder why so many people suffer deeply and hate their life and hate themselves. No one taught them love. 😦

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