Catch of the month | January

It’s that time of the month again…. Time fooooor…. CATCH (catch…catch…) OF (of…of…) THE (the…the…) MONTH (month…month…) ! 😀

Catch of the month | January

You know from my posts that I love to buy second-hand clothes and accessorizes, I buy in outlets and textile houses and always search for a piece of clothes or fabric that I can use in my DIY projects.

But, I also buy in stores (duuuh 😀 ). I am the type of person who likes to walk into store and look around but when I actually go shopping, I’m like a woman on a mission. I know what I want, I know how much I’m prepared to spend for it and when I found it I immediately buy it or reserve it till the next day.

That is the case with this super rocker / a bit cowboy boots (heel). I knew that I wanted something like this for winter and I also want something I will be able to wear when I go horse riding. By that I mean, LEARNING how to get up on a horse. Riding horses is my wish and I hope it will come true this year – I am certainly making steps, like buying this boots. 😉

They were on sale, from 250kn to 139kn. That is from about 45 $ to about 25 $.

They have also inspired my Leather winter and I am planning to buy a black eco-leather skirt so I think they will match “savrÅ¡eno”. That means perfect. Å  is pronounced like sh. I have to explain because I know you care hahahaha 😀