Thanks to the From One Crazy Life To Another who kindly gave me the award last week, I am giving out my first awards in the blogosphere we are levitating in… 🙂

I love to read a lot of blogs, but can put here only a few. Tough job. I thought it will be easy, but I really couldn’t narrow this down more. 😀

1. This blogger is my number one because I read it every day and I think this blog deserves more followers. It inspires me. 🙂 This post is just an example of what I get from kallistrates//Beautiful army every time I log on.

2. Creative spirit that I am, I am always amazed of what this talented woman offers to te table. Her work is my inspiration and I love to go check out what she has done lately so I can be jealous and want to develope my crafting skills so they match hers. 🙂 Crab and Bee is the name of her blog:

3. I love hugs. I love hope. I love animals. Hehehehe 😀 So, it’s not a shock that I love this next blog. Always giving hugs like smiles and keeping positive attitude, here is Hope, The Happy Huger. And I love her Pet challenges. 🙂

4. The fourth place is shared by two amazing photographers. I love their photography and expression and enjoy in scrolling through their blogs. Mitch from Exploratorius and Ben from Flights. Camera. Satisfaction.

5. Never-ending inspiration comes from this blog/project. It’s Project Light to Life and I can’t explain it. You will have to go and check it out. 😉 But before you read anything, make sure to read her About me and Bucket list. 🙂

6. And last but not least is Busy Mind Thinking. I can relate to her in so many things. So much positivity in this incredible woman that she puts into her blog and life, even when it gets tough. Inspiring. There is a saying; a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 😉

I am sick at the moment, so forgive me for not explaining more why I love you… This is my 100th post and there is no better way of celebrating it than this. 😉 I love you guys, all of you. ❤

Rules: Nominate blogs that you like and think deserve an award and link it back to me so I can check them out. 🙂

Zero to Hero challenge

Although I didn’t contribute to this challenge as much as others I really did learn a lot and I will keep it in my bookmarks for when I need something.

I learned about widgets, customizing, inserting embed codes and all the stuff that makes a blog your own and I love it for that. THANKS!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Object | Survivor

Weekly Photo Challenge - Object | Surviror

I am sick. I have a weird kind of cold, I don’t know if I am really sick or is my organism just coping with it and I will wake up tomorrow without cough, headache and generally feeling like crap.

So I am taking the easy way in this week challenge by using an image I have posted in gallery last week but even then I though she deserved a little bit more attention. 🙂

Stay well, I’m going to check my tea in the kitchen.