Valentine’s Day Fever

My girl Shetall wrote an amazing post for this day… I love the way she writes and the positive view she has on life 🙂

Shetall says


Love fest is all around in the form of valentine.  It is like God has commanded his angels to throw bit of a love portion around. Few drops of pink liquid called love on this world and ho! For a while, no stress, no animosity and no jealousy would be entertained till love fest is over and after that J you humans can go back to your normal negative walls abusing my favorite word called love for filling up your physical wants. Funny isn’t it? Why we cannot carry on with this feeling of being loved or being in love all the time.


For me, love is different. I see loads of lonely souls around, some are single and some are married but they are lonely somewhere and taking this Valentine’s week as the most depressive week. Singles are carving for the feeling of love whereas married are concerned…

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