Why does a troll troll?

I’ve been thinking about trolls a lot and trolling in general… As a fenomen, what it has become.

Because internet trolls do not care what it is written, what it is shared, they will write the nastiest comment just to get a reaction. Then they feel like they “accomplished” something. They call it “a kill.” What freaking stupid and disturbing way to communicate online and go out of your way to upset someone…everyone.

They even have contests, I’ve seen it. On YouTube they make accounts taking names of serial killers and going to inspirational videos, videos of teens just vloging or singing, and on videos of disabled and sick people and their stories. And there they set their fury. And how many people get caught up, they feel better. They got more “kills”. And I’ve seen those comments… You DO NOT want to see them. I just click report anytime I can. Also I have found a site (A SITE!!!!) which serves only to degrade women in the articles as well as in the comments. They call each other Pro or something, if they are mean enough. I couldn’t read that page, I just couldn’t. I am shocked that these pages exist and that there it is rewarded to call a woman “fat cunt – would not bang” or “she has a cancer, I hope she dies.”

I would with no thinking whatsoever shut down that page and similar if I found them and charge real person, real people hiding behind computers. To see how they like to be call upon what they say. I would make it a crime to do that. That is disturbing, crossing limits of bullying and I can’t put my mind around the idea that a person goes home and then does that. It is scary to me. I would put their words against them in court, make them pay or go to jail for online violence and threats, show them that what they do is not a joke. It is not fun. It’s SICK. (My comment would be a “kill” if it was an answer to a troll comment because I got upset enough to write.)

I would show them the meaning of an expression: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WRITE BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU MAY HAVE TO EAT IT.

My thoughts on a page.

I know why a blogger blogs, so I wonder why does a troll troll?

Is a troll a person who goes online with nothing but trolling in mind? Or are they people who get sucked in when they read other troll comments? For them is it just a smart comment competition, one trying to be more ridiculous than the other?
I have read some troll comments which so incensed other readers that they engage in a full blown heated argument online, often straying far from the topic. Is this what the troll set out to do? Is this what a troll would consider “a result”?

It made me wonder at the internet experience in general. It would appear that many forget normal acceptable behaviour when they are engaging online. Surely these trolls are not like this in everyday life?

When we engage online the comments we make are instant and…

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Do It Yourself Thursday: Big braceletes/bangles

When I started blogging I was all about DIY. Do not worry, I am still creative in that area, but I’ve become more picky when I learned how to make some stuff and so I took upon myself a few challenges which really are that – challenges. 😀

They take time and will and I have to be into the whole process to make them, so it will take a while until they end up here. So, I figured, I will share some of cool DIY ideas I find which are cute and easy, but I probably won’t have time to make them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t. 😀



I’m lately more into easy, half-an-hour projects like button ring and earrings I posted recently. And I’m discovering my love for fashion and kinda cooking, something I was very surprised to realise, because I never gave those two more attention than necessary. But now, I enjoy more and more pairing outfits and thinking about what will go with what, going into great details. I am happy and curious how will that develops.

Have a great day! LOL (Lots of Love 😉 )