Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 3

It is Moday. With big M. So I’m not gonna torture you with more thinking and doing than neccessary.

So I got an appropriate joke for you:

Leonardo Di Caprio asks Matthew Mcconaughey: How do I get an Oscar? Matthew: Get a puppy and name him Oscar.


Ba-dum-ts. šŸ˜€

Today I want jokes. Tell me a joke if you’re up to. It can be funny, slightly unfunny (haha), dirty, a pun… I tcan be a funny poem,, funny photo…

Jokes away!

Don’t forget to link it back to me and leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 3

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  2. BarbaraBee

    I would really like to write my favorite joke,but I dont know how to translate BUREK.Does burek even exist in western part of world?It should be,because it is great!

      1. BarbaraBee

        Well,lets say its a pastry roll with either meat or cheese.

        Rabbit walks in the pastry shop and asks for pastry roll with carrots.
        Saleswoman says : We dont have it.
        The next day,he comes again and asks for pastry roll with carrots.
        She says : No,we dont have it.
        She tells the boss about the rabbit and his special request and he said : Well,lets make some then.
        On the third day,rabbit comes with the same question and she yells : YES!We made some!
        Rabbit says : Well,isn’t it yucky?! and goes away.

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