Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 4 & 5

Well hello there. What’s up? You ready?

Take your cameras, cell phones, iPhones, Androids…and send them to me. Hahahahahha šŸ˜€

No, now serious. Close your eyes. But not if you’re driving. Although you shouldn’t be on my blog while driving! Stop it!

Close them. Go 15 steps forward. But not if your on your balcony or at the edge of a chasm. Then skip this step.

Turn few times. Turn and turn and turn until you don’t know where you are anymore. Now open your eyes.

Now go and take a photo of something you saw today and said “wooow”, or find that something.

p.s. the described process was for my entertainment. šŸ˜€

Do not forget to link it back to me, leave a comment.


7 thoughts on “Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 4 & 5

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  2. BarbaraBee

    Not doing this one,hahahah.Low pressure and being preggo does not support that kind of moving. šŸ˜›
    But I will tell you what made me “WOOOOOW” today šŸ™‚ I found those perfect shoes for the wedding at half price in Croatian shop!Gonna try them next week,and then try to save some money to buy them šŸ˜‰

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