Perspective – The power of eye behind the camera | Weekly Photo Challenge


The photo that came into my mind with the “Perspective” was the above. This is the most powerful example of what we as an amateur photographers, professional photographers and photojournalists decide to focus on can give completely different story.

Images are powerful. Some of them get stuck in our heads forever. There is a reason why we say that something what has been seen can not be unseen. When we take our cameras, we hold the destiny of a photo. How it will be seen, how it will be perceived, what story will it tell.

War is war. There is no words necessary to explain why war photojournalist and reporters have the most difficult job. They are risking their lives and their emotions are high and with that they FAIL the basic rule or journalism – OBJECTIVITY.

There is no objectivity in war, in suffering, in pain. There is no objectivity in horror. And yet, the people behind their cameras and papers are our soldiers of perspective. They bring the story. They shape the public opinion. Photojournalists, journalists, reporters, editors, media owners and finally, media in general is our “man in the front”. And that man is scared. That man is terrified. That man is seeing things we don’t want to see. That man has to bow down to his editor. He does not know how will his (hers) photos end up in public. He is probably not aware of the agenda that goes on far away from fear. The perspective of the editors, the media, the government (any government) want to show. Want to nurture. Want to spread in order to form a public opinion. In order to validate the need of war. The need of war?

I can see the full picture here above. If I would want you to think that the proclaimed “enemy” has no mercy I crop. If I would want to show you how merciful is “our” side, I crop. Why is the enemy and our side in quotations? Because there is no difference between human and human. Just their agenda.


This is an entry for Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective. I did play with it myself and will publish my own photos, this was a point I wanted to highlight alone.

Disclaimer: I have found the photo on various sites and end up using the one from

14 thoughts on “Perspective – The power of eye behind the camera | Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. Wow, now I want to crawl under a stone LOL. I just put in my first entry for the photo challenge and it pales compared to yours, yours is just fantastic, I love that, well done, very drawing on the emotions whereas mine is just about a loo!! hah

    1. I am very flattered by your comment, but now, there is no need for crawling under a stone… 😉 I know that because I have found myself in a similar state of mind when I saw entries from professional photographes on the various themes for weekly challenges. I can’t (and won’t) claim the image as mine, since it’s the famous photo displaying importance of media objectivity and since I’m interested in that topic I tought of it immediately… I will have my own entries for this challenge, and then you will see that the first entry is just a start. I wish you all best! 😀

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    1. Oh no…. I most certainly did not, nor would I like to. It is a true teror… 😦 This is a famous photo taken to show the importance of perspetive, I don’t know who took it or who are the soldiers ( I can guess by their skin color but no confirmation) If you do stumble upon the real owner, let me know, I would love to know!

      I did some of the photos on my own to play with the perspective and I will post them later this week, just felt this needed to be a post of its own.

      1. Right, I kind of thought so. Either way, your post fit the challenge description perfectly. You clearly showed three different perspectives with the use of just one photo.

      2. Thank you very much… I credited the source where I found the photo, or should I say where I ended up using it, because I found it on many places around the web. It shows the importance of perspective and although I would like to take credit for cropping, it is that way. I saw it somewhere a while ago and it poped in my mind when I read this week’s theme… 🙂

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