6 thoughts on “Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge | Day 12

  1. I know I have not participated but I do want to tell you happy birthday. And I did this exercise today which I’m going to gift to you. The book is Everyday Dao, by Deng Ming-Dao. Page 45 is about writing and the third sentence in paragraph one is “To write is a sacred act”. And that is so much of what you are doing with your birthday this year. You are making it sacred and writing. How perfect!!! Have a great birthday tomorrow!!!

    1. What you wrote is beautful and fills my heart with pride and joy, thank you! ❤

      You did participate, with a comment 😉 It is valid until 14.03 doesn’t end everywhere in the world… 🙂

      1. Hey, what about results. I would love to read your blog on all the posts and your thoughts on all the posts who have contributed to your challenge. . 😊

      2. Do not worry, I’m on it… I was celebrating the whole weekend 😉 Had to make up for all those years of not celebrating 😀 The post will be up soon, if not tomorow..


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