Catch of the month | February


Yes, I am aware that it is 13th of March. 😛 February is such a short month anyway…

Fine. I forgot about it. Happy? 🙂

But I did bought this in February. In da textile house – the one that has brutal discounts every 5 or 6 weeks. So, that means that I spent 10 kunas on items on the photo (5 kuna each). That is a little bit less than 2 dollars. Pretty good, eh?

I love the grey lately… Not 50 Shades of it ( haven’t read the book – not planning to :D), but the grey grey… This skirt/tunic had me rigth away, the material is so light and elegant, so beautiful to wear. Very silky on the touch. Ok, now I will have to look at the material because I feel silly explaining like this. 😉 The scarf is actually a big piece of fabric folded and sewed together. Love the print, love the idea. I might try it on my own.

I can see myself in this already. My mind is telling me to go all grey with grey leggings, but I’ll see… This is probably the only reason I will get over the fact that we had a week of snow this year ( A WEEK!!) and enjoy in upcoming spring, because I will be able to wear pieces like this.

Stay well!