Magic Vol. 2

I was going for something magical with this song so I searched “magic spring” thinking I would get beautiful pictures of spring and flowers…. And stuff… But I got this:


Hahahahaha 😀

But I searched a little more so I found this:



Pocahontas is my favorite cartoon, and this is one of my favorite scene…


And this, well if you haven’t watched Avatar, the movie, make sure you do… It is true magic… 🙂
I feel magic when looking at movement in nature, how about you? What is magic for you?



Author: ivyon

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11 thoughts on “Magic Vol. 2”

    1. Absolutely! I had one (rainbow) when I was a kid and I always tried to get him to go downstairs 😀
      But it was super funny and surprising to find him under “magic spring” hahaha 😉

      1. i have Slinky somewhere in my old room,but my mom cant find it 😦 i used to wear it in nightclubs in summer as a bracelet 😀 btw,my pets at home hate it!i chased them once around the house with it (i was about 19-20) and til this day,they are terriffied 😀

      2. Hahahahahaha… Yeah, do something that scares them and they WILL remember it.. To this day Kiki is afraid of her vodilica, I don’t know how to say it. We bought it and M. took her outside. She was so terrified that she took the largest shit that could possibly get out of her tiny body. That was 5 years ago… If I took it out now she would run under a bed XD

        Btw. find slinky!

      3. well,i still have scars from my cat when we were sooo optimistic and took her to the roof of the building XD long story short,dont do it.
        and if i find slinky,would you like to have a playdate? LOL (my mom nver took me to playdates,i have too many cousins 😦 )

      4. What’s a playdate? You mean when kids get together? We did that by getting outside of the house 😀

        We can have a playdate ako Dado sredi sobu weeee 😀

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