Weekly Photo Challenge | Reflection and Perspective Mashup


For This week’s challenge Reflection I also had an entry created for the challenge Perspective, so lets have fun!

I had a lot of fun with perspective theme. they should have made it monthly 😦
Week passed too fast. Was it last week? Or week before that?
I don’t know, I was busy with…you know, life. 😀 And Iva’s ABC… I mean, that was super important. 😉

Aaaaaanyhow. I managed to do what I wanted today. So, join me!

See the photo above? Beach, shell… Nice, right?

Except it’s not! Haha!
It is this:


Ok… Moving on… More fun awaits. 😀

Fun little gathering of teddy bears and stuffed animals? Yeah, they look so fluffy… (Do not count how many fluffy animals I own, and no, they are not only mine.)



We have an intruder!

Big teddy, making its camouflage with smaller animals... ;)
Big teddy, making its camouflage with smaller animals… 😉

Ok, you are probably getting good at this. So lets spice it up a bit.
Awwww… So nice. The sea at night and boats are in the harbour. Lucky me for being there.



I was not!


It is a postcard!
It is a postcard!

And what is in the featured photo?
I’m gonna let you guess… And then post the answer. Because that’s how I roll. 😎

Author: ivyon

Hello! I have a blog on address ivymosquito.wordpress.com so feel free to check it out ;)

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge | Reflection and Perspective Mashup”

  1. Hmm.., row of connected orbs, water, marble like dark stuff under the water’s surface … , maybe the chain from a bath or basin plug half submerged? Nice shot. 😀

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