And Just Like That, I was Crying Uncontrollably

I guess today is a reblog day? I didn’t know…

Nobody keeps me posted about things here 😉 😛

I have come across so many amazing posts, I guess this weekend was productive in WP community!

As I was talking today about judging and gossiping, I found this post. Amazing.

Don’t judge. You don’t know how it is in other people’s skin.
And don’t judge yourself. Listen to your inner voice.

Streets of Gold

Today I have read something really beautiful but it is in Croatian, translating it would not make the same effect as it does untouched. So I stumbled upon one of Belinda’s daily poems and thought it is lovely describing pain we sometimes feel when we think that we are alone. Or when we think that it’s not fair. When we think that people around us…everyone has it easier… Here is a reminder.

No one is alone.
There is no golden-paved road.
The street of every person has bumps.
And holes.
By holding hands we can jump over that holes
And go around that bumps.
Or just go through them easier.

I ❤ you. Ivy

Talking Dirty! Warning: this is graphic and contains sexual words!

Lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me…

You will see A LOT of different topics on my blog and this was something I wanted to share with you amazing women and awesome men that are reading my blog. I like to talk and write about everything, maybe some things are considered taboos, but they really shouldn’t be. Women pleasure is to this day sort of taboo in public speaking and in private life! It is frown upon, it is put into shackles, it is not welcomed sometimes if it is not a part of a man pleasure.

Well I say, bullshit.
Woman who loves her body and her partner wants to enjoy equally in sexual experience… And she has every right to do that. She can express herself, she can say what she likes, she can explore… And with no need of shame and guilt trip the society is presenting on us.
“Good women don’t think about sex, don’t do it and don’t talk about it.”
Yes, you might as well tape my mouth then because I like to loudly express my opinions. And other things. 😉
As the author of this post said:
“The original post has probably had more hits than anything else I have written in nearly two years as a blogger – and yet, I have had few likes and even fewer comments.”


Women! Be free… You will be happy and trust me, your partner will be even happier. ❤