Lesson on Being Human from a 3 Year Old

I absolutely enjoyed this 🙂

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I know it is a cliche to say that we learn as much from our children as they learn from us, but 3 year old Fox is different. From a very early age, we called him the “Little Buddha,” not just because he looked like a Buddha–large forehead, big long ears, and long half-open/half-closed eyes, but also because he would just sit calmly and contently for long periods of time.

Fox Sitting

I can honestly say that I have learned as much from this little soul as I have from any enlightened master. Here are a few highlights:

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2 thoughts on “Lesson on Being Human from a 3 Year Old”

  1. He looks content – isn’t that a wonderful feeling to have someone you love content ?

    I think, as one who’s seen a few years, that of all the things we can do, what better than to raise a child who knows love, and is unafraid to love. How can that not make the world better ?

    Of course the challenge gets interesting when they are teenagers 🙂

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