Everything is connected

I have my folder in which I keep photography to be published here when I feel the need or when the timing is right (Weekly Challenges for example), I have a folder of interesting Do It Yourself projects that I plan to make and photos of ones I already made. I also have a folder of incredible pictures and quotes which I share, on social networks or here. Now, I am starting to pile up links and links and links of amazing videos I want to share with you…

My thought when I started this blog was – what will I write about when I ran out of ideas. And, I can tell you I am getting scared now… 😉 Because more ideas I have, more ideas are coming on surface. I can’t keep track of them… It is like I have opened a creative Pandora box inside my head which was there the whole time and now I can’t and WON’T close it. What a wonderful discovery! Yet so frustrating at times for an organised person like me… I have all of a sudden this chaos, this mountain of things I want to share, of things I want to write about, talk about… Of things I want to contemplate about. And every day, I get more of those things. When I think to myself, “Okay, break time…” I come upon most amazing things. Projects. Videos. Songs. People. Ideas.

I am walking this road but not alone, I am with you and I feel your presence. I feel we make connections and that is another amazing thing I have to add to this incredible experience I call My Blog. Experience I didn’t know what to expect when I started. Experience who is actually helping me to find myself. To understand towards what I gravitate. To see how amazingly creative I am. This blog is becoming a black on white proof to crush many of my doubts. And a leading compass in my future occupation, what ever that turns out to be.

And everything is connected. My folders connect here. So, this video is beyond perfect for this post.

17 thoughts on “Everything is connected

    1. Oh my Gosh that is awesome! Thank you… Can you please provide me a link? Twitter is not my thing – although I think I will have to go toward that platform…

      1. Thank you, I am honored… I will check it out from my Twitter in just a minute… You made me feel like a ⭐ because I normally function from WP and FB.

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      1. Uh, that is so true… I am thinking about it from the perspective of our bodies and health now. If we don’t listen to it, it can “hit a brick wall” and then we are up against the challenge of getting our heath back. I know what I’m talking about, unfortunatelly.

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  3. You’ll never run out of ideas.

    As long as you don’t deny your mind the freedom to dance.

    That turn of phrase is rather effeminate, though. You’re a girl from the looks of it, and your mind is allowed to dance.

    I’m a guy…and I let my mind out whenever I can.

    …to STRUT.


    1. Hahaha you are right, on teh second sentence esspecially. I have seen it.. When I let my mind connect to my heart and express, great things happen. 🙂

      And I love to learn, that will always be there, for. e. I had to translate two words from you comment to make sure that I can approve it and you’re not talking dirty. Hahahaha

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