Even if it’s invisible.

Even if it's invisible.

This post is made specially for Alienora from ALIEN AURA’S BLOG.

And for everyone else who needs it. ❤

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20 thoughts on “Even if it’s invisible.

  1. Profound…I am keeping it in my quotes board on Pinterest!

    • Thank you for commenting… 🙂 I wish I remember where I found it, somewhere in the space of www net…

  2. Lovely I had to re blog this in my scrapbook to keep x

  3. Reblogged this on Justine's scrapbook and commented:
    Photo and quote to remember

  4. Fantastic, beautiful and inspiring words indeed 🙂

    • And I feel that way… No one should be ashamed and feel less worthy of something someone else did to them.

  5. alienorajt

    Reblogged this on ALIEN AURA'S BLOG: IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND! and commented:
    My friend Ivy posted this for me. Some of you will know why the choice of animal is so apt. I am incredibly touched by the gesture. Please visit Ivy’s site, if you haven’t already: she’s great!

    • Oh, you are too kind. If you want you can explain me the meaning of a lion to you, I was not aware of it. (You have my e-mail in your mail when I comment)

  6. alienorajt

    Oh, Ivy, I am so touched, and humbled, by this. And the fact that the wounded creature is a lion is more apt than I can explain on here. You are so lovely. xxx

    • See the look in her eyes? She is wounded. But she is stil a lioness, a quen of animals. I was touched when I wasn’t feeling well and I got to read amazing comments of support and posts for my birthday, so I figured I should do the same… Hugs ❤

      • alienorajt

        That is brilliant, Ivy: the whole thing of being wounded but still a lioness, the queen of animals. Thank you for those wonderful words. xxx

  7. How true…

  8. add to that – don’t be ashamed of those you love for being who they are.

  9. Love it!

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