Fiesta Monday? | Ferrero cake

Fiesta Monday? | Ferrero cake

I had to do this today too… Mostly because I said I would post it on Saturday, thought I would do it on Sunday and well…it’s already Monday. Monday, Bloody Monday.

As most of you already know, my birthday was two week’s ago (for those of you who don’t, check out the challenge we did on the right – in sidebar). And I wanted to celebrate it with a cake, since I haven’t made (had) a cake for my birthday… Well… …..since… I don’t know. Long time ago. So, I wanted a Ferrero cake, which is not a surprise if you have been reading stuff about me which I have to write when I get an award – talking about this. Yes. The very demanding and very delicious Ferrero cake it was.

I had to borrow two extra pair of hands (kisses!) or I wouldn’t have made it in such sort time before the get-together.

I will write down a recipe, as soon as I translate it on English.

After two or three hours (I lost track of time) it looked like this. If you’re wondering – it tasted heavenly. 😀 The biscuit was soft because of the warm milk I poured on it when it was baked and the filling was from mostly Nutella. And.. Nutella. That needs no explaining. 🙂 If you’re thinking: “Hey Iva, why is the last one with candles on just one piece?” That is because when I remembered to take a picture of the cake with candles, that was actually all that was left of the cake. 😉

Update! Recipe:

Ferrero Cake


For the biscuit:

2 glasses of sugar (I used a glass that contains 2,5 dL)

1 glass of rough flour

1 glass of smooth flour

½ of baking powder

1,5 spoon of baking soda (bicarbonate)

¾ glass of cocoa (with no sugar)

1 vanilla sugar

2 eggs

1 glass of milk

½ glass of hot water


For when the biscuit is baked:

½ glass of boiled milk cooled down

mixed with 2 spoons of sweet cocoa


For the cream:

400 grams of Nutella

500 grams of mascarpone cheese (I used whey b/c it’s cheaper)

200 grams of toasted hazelnuts

8 big cookies with hazelnut, we have Napolitanke and they look like this:








Mix the yolk from 2 eggs with sugar, pour the milk while mixing and then pour in the hot water. Mix the albumen separately until it is like whipped cream and add to the mixture slowly mixing with spoon, not with electric machine. Put in the oven, preheated to 180 Celsius and bake approximately 40 minutes. You can check with a toothpick when the biscuit is done, just put the toothpick in and if nothing stays on it – it is done.

Cool the biscuit down and cut it in half.

Now, the cream. First, take the skin of the hazelnuts by warming them in hot water (if desired) and fry them just a little in a pan. Mill the cookies and hazelnuts with a machine or a mixer. I left 50 grams of hazelnuts for the decoration on top. Mix all the ingredients together. Divide in thirds – 1/3 for the first layer, 1/3 for the second and the rest for all around the cake.

Put the first half of biscuit in mold again so it would not soften and lose texture because now you will pour the milk with sweet cocoa over it, to make it juicy. I turned it upside down because it is more straight from the bottom. Pour just how much milk you think it needs, and don’t forget that you need the same amount for the second half. Put the cream on the first half. Put the second half of biscuit on top and repeat pouring the cocoa and milk mixture on. Now put the second layer of cream on. You can remove the mold and start applying the rest of the cream all around the cake. I had some leftover, but it quickly vanished. 😉

I have decorated the top with the ground hazelnuts I have left aside for that purpose and with few of Ferrero Rocher’s bought in store.

Bon Appetit! Dobar tek!

This is an entry for Fiesta Friday!


Catch of the month | March

Catch of the month | March

I really didn’t feel like doing this today. I’m in a bad mood for a fucking good reason. Hope everything sorts out.

But. It is the last day of March so here it fucking goes.

I’ve wanted this type of shorts/skirt dark blue with dots (stars) since last year, and I finally found it. Second-hand. I paid 25 kunas for it (4,50 $) but it is to big so I will have to do a little re-do with a sewing machine. No problem.
The shirt is sleeveless and I loooove the material. That was less than a dollar in a sale in textile house.

Pattern up-close

Sorry for all the “fuckings”, I can’t be in a good mood all the time.