Catch of the month | March

Catch of the month | March

I really didn’t feel like doing this today. I’m in a bad mood for a fucking good reason. Hope everything sorts out.

But. It is the last day of March so here it fucking goes.

I’ve wanted this type of shorts/skirt dark blue with dots (stars) since last year, and I finally found it. Second-hand. I paid 25 kunas for it (4,50 $) but it is to big so I will have to do a little re-do with a sewing machine. No problem.
The shirt is sleeveless and I loooove the material. That was less than a dollar in a sale in textile house.

Pattern up-close

Sorry for all the “fuckings”, I can’t be in a good mood all the time.

8 thoughts on “Catch of the month | March

  1. Sometimes only the F-word will do 🙂
    Hopefully you will have days ahead where the F-word will turn into an H-word (whatever is a “happy” word for you) 🙂

  2. Just hope your April gets off to a better start than March finished.6:30 a.m. in Auckland is still dark, but the stars are still out. Nice material and outfit. And, everyone has bad moods. It’s ok. 😀

    1. Yeah me too, although it is a situation where i really have NOTHING to do with, it’s the economy that is fucked up. All I wish for is patience and strenght to get trough. I heard an expression from an athlete I value deeply that it is the hardest thing in the world to watch a match (game), it is much easier to play it. Well now I’m a bystander and it sucks. Thank you for your support… I hope no one pulls a prank on me for April’s Fools because they won’t end well… XD

  3. alienorajt

    No need to apologise, Ivy – and I am so sorry to hear that you are not having a good day today. There is some really weird planetary stuff going on at the moment, and it is causing havoc emotionally. Hugs to you. xxx

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