17 thoughts on “Funny but oh so true!

      1. I do not know what are those, but I’ll take them 😀

        I was just talking today about having trouble translating my recipe into English because of the measurments but also, I can write “Vegeta” and the five countries in region will know what it is and they all have it in the household, I can’t wrote on my blog! So, when in my recipe it was stated to have Napolitanke I knew very well what was that, but not my readers. So I decided to put photos next to it 😀

      2. See my email Ivy.

        Honestly I should publish this food post with your national names and don”t worry about the measurements as your readers can work it out for themselves. Photos are a good idea. 😀

    1. It is very much true for my cat, or should I say queen XD
      She is so smart, she goes to the doors of the balcony and meows – that is the signal she needs to go in her litter box which is there because she knows we won’t ignore it and then when I got up (because this happens in 6 in the morning) she RUNS to the kitchen because the lady wants some more of the delicious Whiskas hahahaha… She drive me crazy with that!

      1. alienorajt

        Six in the morning!!! OMG! That’s a very cat time to be around and about and awake. She sounds a real character. xxx

      2. Hahaha yes you got it! 🙂 I have put her in two of Michelle’s Pet challenge, I am planning to post next week one more… She is super cutie 😀
        You can see her I think in category Animals and in more “cameo” appareances in my DIY creations 😉 Search for “Kiki” in my search box on the sidebar in bottom for a good laugh

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