Funny but oh so true!

Funny but oh so true!

If you have or ever had a cat, you know this applies in so many ways… 🙂

p.s. I love history and studied a lot about Ancient Greece and Egypt so if you wanna chat about it, OR YOU LIVE THERE, I would be happy to chat!

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17 thoughts on “Funny but oh so true!

  1. girlychristina

    Haha! I think my cats told me this when I adopted them both. =)

  2. Oh no !! I better not let my cats see that collar ……… too late !! Love from Sonic & Samantha and their slave Ralph ❤

    • Awww why haven’t I seen them on your blog? Maybe I missed something…

      • They are in my “About” and my latest post “RV3 Cat nap”. 😀

      • I am just watching it 😀

      • So you are. Popcorn ?? 😀

      • More like chocolate… I have a late night craving :/ Choco-choco-choco…

      • I’ve got some After Eights 😀

      • I do not know what are those, but I’ll take them 😀

        I was just talking today about having trouble translating my recipe into English because of the measurments but also, I can write “Vegeta” and the five countries in region will know what it is and they all have it in the household, I can’t wrote on my blog! So, when in my recipe it was stated to have Napolitanke I knew very well what was that, but not my readers. So I decided to put photos next to it 😀

      • See my email Ivy.

        Honestly I should publish this food post with your national names and don”t worry about the measurements as your readers can work it out for themselves. Photos are a good idea. 😀

      • Ok, gonna check it out 🙂

        Yes, that is what I did… It is great that everyone knows about Nutella XD

      • I’ll answer your other comment in the morning Ivy. I’ve just realised it’s 03:30am here. Night night ❤

  3. alienorajt

    Oh, this is so true, Ivy; they do, don’t they?! xxx

    • It is very much true for my cat, or should I say queen XD
      She is so smart, she goes to the doors of the balcony and meows – that is the signal she needs to go in her litter box which is there because she knows we won’t ignore it and then when I got up (because this happens in 6 in the morning) she RUNS to the kitchen because the lady wants some more of the delicious Whiskas hahahaha… She drive me crazy with that!

      • alienorajt

        Six in the morning!!! OMG! That’s a very cat time to be around and about and awake. She sounds a real character. xxx

      • Hahaha yes you got it! 🙂 I have put her in two of Michelle’s Pet challenge, I am planning to post next week one more… She is super cutie 😀
        You can see her I think in category Animals and in more “cameo” appareances in my DIY creations 😉 Search for “Kiki” in my search box on the sidebar in bottom for a good laugh

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