Sunrise, sunrise… Looks like morning in your eyes | Weekly Photo Challenge



My bf says that I am a walking jukebox. I don’t argue with him on that. It doesn’t stop to amaze me how many songs I know and know lyrics to… And when I think of something that has a relation in some song, my brain connects the two and I’m talking about someting…aaand then I’m singing. 🙂

Beginnings remind me of sunrises. Since I am an evening type of person and I don’t have to get up early for a few years now these kind of photos are rare. But, the smell, the colors and sounds of a sunrise are beautiful. I feel like I’m in some other world for a few minutes, up until when the sun shows its bright warmth and the day begins. This week’s photo challenge is that. A beginning. Threshold. (I learn new words every day)

This post of course would not be complete without the song I thought of:

p.s. Try to find a bird in first morning flight captured in photo. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Sunrise, sunrise… Looks like morning in your eyes | Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. runningonsober

    A walking jukebox 🙂

    Love, love, love Norah Jones. (Come Away With Me may be my favorite, it’s tough to pick one.) Great song choice!

  3. Gorgeous capture of a golden-pink sunrise! How I wish to breath-in that sunshiny morning in my heart and soul. Many thanks for visiting my blog, sweetheart. Let’s stay in touch 🙂

    1. Thank you so much… 🙂 I didn’t touch the colors of anything in this photo, the sunrise is what it was, exactly. The birds were awake, the only ones… Just a few cars. And the sky was as you can see, breathtaking. I wish we can capture the emotion in photo 😉
      Thank you for visiting, I am following you and your amazing photography. 🙂

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  7. Not everyone thinks the way we do. I see that you like myself tries to think “outside of the box”. For instance your song “Sunrise” is a threshold to a new day. By the way your song is beautiful.

    1. That is true… Thank you very much for complimenting my choice of a song but it is performed by Norah Jones and has nothing to do with me. I know you probably know that, but just to be clear. 🙂
      Outside of the box is fine, it is boring and not enough space inside anyway. 😉

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