DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

I have done this recently but it just didn’t get to see the blog-light until now.

That is with most of the things that I post, as I already wrote. I just have a folder of photos and bookmarked videos and ideas… That’s just how it goes around here. 😉

So… I made this for a friend of mine from a shirt with long sleeves. I wasn’t sure how it will go considering that it has lace, but it went ok. It took time (three hours I think), but it was with no major problems. When I’m sewing I like to do everything carefully so I don’t have to do it again… And it really takes just a little impatience or not looking and it goes off. So, better three hours than five if I was nervous. And I didn’t want to risk it with lace, because un-sewing what my sewing machine did would not be good.

And there it is. What do you think?

p.s. I am pleased with my knowledge of sewing, since I taught myself through the last year. 😀

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Another denim vest made of a shirt

  1. Well done your cleverer than me

    • If you liked it try surfing through my DIY categories.. I was craftier before, but of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t go back to making DIY’s again soon. 🙂 It all depends if I have an idea and crafts and projects take time… :

  2. alienorajt

    Lovely – so clever! I do admire people who can sew! xxx

    • Thank you! ^^’ hehe… I haven’t made anything for a while in DIY department so this is a proof to me that I can. 🙂

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