Choco torture

Choco torture

I am two seconds away from licking the computer. This whole cooking thing is not good for me because I find stuff like this. I would murder this cute cupcake if I could. You see what kind of thoughts is this causing? 😀

Eating Paleo | Yumm!

Eating Paleo | Yumm!

Paleo diet caught my attention recently when I came across an amazing blog with lots and lots and lots of recipes based on Paleo. I think this recipe is not from her blog, but she definitely got me interested. So I searched for more.

What is Paleo? I am to lazy to explain myself so I’m gonna let the internet do it for me:

“The Paleo Diet, the world’s healthiest diet, is based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is the one to which we are genetically adapted.”

“The paleolithic diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed diet of Paleolithic humans. It is based on several controversial premises, the most important of which are: first, that human genetics have scarcely changed since the dawn of agriculture, which marked the end of the Paleolithic era, around 15,000 years ago; second, that modern humans are adapted to the diet or diets of the Paleolithic period; and, third, that it is possible for modern science to discern what such diets consisted of.”

There. Basically, it is about avoiding food that has been processed like sugar and flour. For the record, I am not now convinced that I eat like my two-legged ancestors did, but this type of diet seems to me very healthy and – YUMMY! 🙂

You should just see what you can do with Paleo… I was exploring it a bit, always adding my own touch and that is what I like about it, you can do whatever you want. You can play with Paleo but still keep your favorite food and you can go full Paleo hardcore and eat only approved food. Your choise. The whole experience is weird for me because:

A) I don’t like cooking
B) My family loved it and quickly adopted some meals and some were eating something they hate differently cooked.


Ok, so about this snack I made. Well that’s a lie, I didn’t make it alone, but ok, I made it. 🙂
It is Paleo based recipe with bread – forbidden in Paleo diet. Ugh, I hate the word DIET because it is not a diet but just different way of preparing meals and eating different groceries what we don’t eat normally.

I always add something that is forbidden on Paleo list, like potatoes or bread, which makes my meals Paleo-ish. 🙂

What I did for this snack that I was thrilled with and eat my part in 5 minutes humming at the same time b/c of how delicious it was?

Paleo eggs with stuffing


6 eggs
mayonnaise (quantity per wish)
tartar sos (quantity per wish)
some type of salami or meat or sausage or bacon
red pepper powder


Boil the eggs. How many eggs will you make depends on how much you’re going to eat. 🙂
When done, remove the shell and cut in half. Carefully remove the yolk in a plate or container. We divided three yolks into one container, three in other because we wanted to make one stuffing with tartar sauce and one with mayonnaise. So, put the mayonnaise (or tartar sauce) with yolk and mix with spoon. Add a little bit of salt, and a little bit of red pepper powder. Taste to see if it is salty enough.

Keep adding mayonnaise (or tartar) until you have enough stuffing for all eggs. Put the bacon or salami (or meat) previously cut into squares in the mix and put in the albumen. Grab few slices of bread if you want to, we bought black bread with seeds. I added on the side few big spoons of yoghurt with some oregano on top and it was super delicious!


That’s it! Enjoy! ❤

This is an entry for Fiesta Friday!


Amazing Lindsey Stirling…

I was going through my old posts and feeling proud 🙂 And then I saw this gem I posted as the fourth (I think) post ever.

If you haven’t heard about Lindsey Stirling, well… Now you have. 😀

I had a phase of listening to her amazing music almost every day on my mobile phone. I remembered those times of just losing myself in the sound of violin…

Loving Iva | Liberating My Creative Soul

As I already said I’m going to post all kind of content here. 🙂 Basically everything AND everyone who inspire me… And this incredible young lady is most definitely inspiring, I love listening to her music, I highly recommend her YouTube channel. 🙂

Soon to come on the blog are DIY paintings for living room and DIY table, Can’t decide which I’m gonna post first. 😉

Have a nice day, love ya.

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